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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gentle spirit

Gentle spirit of the wind I felt your warming kiss
Awakening me to the moments, I never like to miss:
The dawning of the morning and the coming light
Dispels the reign of darkness and the passing night.

Gentle spirit of the wind you brushed against my face
While stirring up the universe from its resting place.
How softly you have whispered in the morning breeze
That wakens every creature and rouses all the trees.

Gentle spirit of the wind your voice is in the air
Inviting us to hear your words moving everywhere
You speak to us of mysteries in every sound we hear
And carry to us the hope we need as you're drawing near.

Gentle spirit of the wind how much you do each day
Yet our eyes remain blinded; we do not see your way
Only through our spirit are we able to hear you say
The wisdom of the universe in which we are to stay

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