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Thursday, September 15, 2011

From the heart of a therapist

Come now and bring that wounded heart to me
Let me see if I can help you in letting it go free
I can see there all the hurts and also all the fears
So much has been built up from the passing years

Come now let me help you while you learn to heal
I will help you sort out all the sham from the real
I can see there your confusion from all you've been told
You actions say to me that you feel that I will scold

Come now let's let that inner  child go free
I will be here right beside you its ok to trust me
I know you've been let down by people in your past
Together we'll work together to build something that'll last

Come now lets start the journey with our task in hand
I will listen to all your words and strive to understand
You need to know you're valued and that you can  heal
We'll undo the false ideas and replace them with the real.


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