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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Emerging From Broken

Emerging From Broken :: by Darlene Ouimet


  1. Thank you Joy for referring Darlene. Her post was such a reassurance to me today... I was worried about you last night. I checked your blog and didn't see where you had posted for the evening. I'm thinking of you Joy. It gets sad, really sad sometimes and you just want to hide. Me, I just rather pretend that all this grief is just not happening. I read several posts today and they have all spoke to me in some way. None of my family ever apologize for what happened to me and I don't look for it anymore. Darlene's post confirmed what I had already decided in my heart. My family would rather me shut off my mind to all pain I feel inside and act as if nothing has ever happened, nothing. But God gave me the resolute and the courage to accept that rather I get an apology or no I have wounds inside that need to heal. I did feel guilty about the wounds even the ones made recently but I was reassured once again through Darlene's post that I shouldn't feel guilty about the hurt I still feel. It doesn't mean that I haven't forgiven... I am alone Joy but God gives me wonderful people like you and all these other writers who allow themselves to share and I'm most grateful...Please be encouraged. I pray God send extra angels from above to sing to you and bring you comfort. If I was there with you I would sing you a lullaby, a sweet lullaby..You're such an extraordinary person and I'm very blessed to have this experience with you... I love you, my sweet Joy.....RiRi

  2. RiRi I was so heartbroken wednesday night my T dropped me .. i never saw it coming. I think she become frightened when I said I had to testify in court Dec 7. I was so heartbroken I could not stop crying. I didnt understand it since she said she would never "just drop me" that we would talk about it over sessions. She went against her own promise and words. I had held her high up their with the angels and it so broke my heart. to think of it now makes me cry. I wish I could have done better that she would not have abandoned me but she did . she has her reaons.. and I bear the scars of hurt and upset.. but God has put more people into my path .. I have several options . I will wait and see .. but I feel I now who I trust to open my soul to now. ;) Thank you for wanting to sing a lullaby to me I need noe as I cried all night Tuesday and all day Wednesday .. love you Riri am here for you always: Joy

  3. That makes me cry Joy. I'm so sorry your T abandoned you. It's so difficult to understand. I know that pain, and I'm so very sorry you're feeling it. I'm always praying that you have someone in your life that is faithful and true. I thought too that it was your T..I hope your heart mends and I do believe that even though you're experiencing such an big disappointment, I believe it will make you an even more stronger person. You're growing Joy and you're healing. Don't give up Joy. There's a faithful and true T for you..Thank you for being so loving...RiRi

  4. Riri

    I love you and its all good. .as my T was not good for me for if she was good for me .. i would not be crying over her reasons and whims.. but I am fragile and must move on. I love you Riri .. my little blog angel. you hold a dear place in my heart.. I hope you don't leave me . hope you dont' disappear..thank you for your kind words..tonight am still in the valley of tears.. but i fear no evil for the Lord is with me.. with his Rod and His Staff to give me comfort:



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