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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dear Mr. Man of God

Dear Mr.Man of God
Yes, you are trying to wear me down
and make me feel bad inside
you feel that you deserve to know everything
that I choose to hide
but its not for the confessional
you had your chance you see
when I was a little girl remember
you shut the door on me.
now you are begging me to come back
to that “Holy place”
yet in 2009 when I needed help
you treated me like a disgrace
how can you even try to explain
the gospel that you preach
when you never put into practice
any of the things you teach.
There are so many people outside
knocking on your door
But your rules and regulations
have no room for any more
You preach and teach of love and grace
but only seem to hurt
I understand how you want me to feel :
you want me to feel like dirt

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