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Friday, September 16, 2011

An abused child's words

I just want you to love me mommy can you not see
I don't even understand why you are beating on me
You're hurting me so much that I'm  all black and blue
Mommy don't you love me anymore cuz I sure  love you

Mommy i made a picture today do you want to see
why are you tearing it up mommy its one of you and me
I did my very best mommy i thought you should know
I didnt go outside the lines cuz I colored it  real slow

Today teacher asked me why there's black around my eye
I didn't tell her you hit me mommy:   I made up a  lie
Will you hug me mommy: just a little bitty  one?
You never hug me mommy what have I ever  done.

Mommy won't talk to me God she only beats on me
Nothing I do is ever right can you tell why this must be
I am so hurt and scared God i tried all that I can do
Mommy wont love me God can I get some love from You?

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