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Friday, September 9, 2011

Abandonment is a terrible thing...

Tears they fall from a broken heart that will  not seem to mend
Memories, playing over and over, recreate hurts without end.
I try so hard to heal the woud but its worse then i ever saw
Abadonment is a terrible thing; remembering it leaves one raw.

What sorrow can ever be so deep as to loosen so many tears
What hurt can ever be so intense that it lingers for many years?
Only the one that comes from the soul who has been painfully denied
By those for whom she gave her life.for whom she would have died

Yes the tears are falling like the rain; they come from deep within
How hard I am trying to stop them now but they fall again and again.
I know from where they are coming but don't know how to stop their flow
Abandonment is a terrible thing, something you will never want to know.

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