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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Dying Kitty

She wont make it through the night she's just a tiny cat
Someone took her mother away and left her alone like that
Not old enough to eat; she can fit into my small hand
The meanness of some people I wont ever understand

I don't know if  I'm realy slow but I really can't believe
The hatred that some humans are able to conceive
It's way beyond my thinking it boggles my poor mind
That such evilness lies hidden in the hearts of humankind

Why is it that the so many helpless must suffer every day
Where are there no  protectors, why do others look away
How long will it take  before we see heroes rise again
The world is so full of  darkness its lurking deep within

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hush now my soul

 Hush now my soul; don't weep any  more for things like this
Though you feel you're deeply wounded by this cruel injustice
It might be so very painful but you're stronger than the pain
Don't let the darkness of another inside your heart remain.

Rather you should free yourself from that awful   state
Which your abuser left you in when it was so dark and late
Know that you aren't the one abusing but are the one abused
You were the one left abandoned and now you're feeling used.

Take comfort then in your real friends who are always there
Let them know your gratitude let them feel your care
You will keep  growing stronger although you carry scars
and Soon they won't be ugly but will be lit up like star

Emerging From Broken

Emerging From Broken :: by Darlene Ouimet

Hoping while broken

The gentle wind is blowing and is whistling her tune
She whispers that life changes but never too soon
Storm clouds may gather and shake the earth below
But in every disaster tender compassion will  grow

While we are experiencing the cruelty  of fate
We feel we can't make it: ours is a hopeless state
How can we understand the meaning of such change
When  we never saw it coming; how do we rearrange?

We must keep in mind that life will rise again
And the fallen heart  will find her strength within
Those who do evil will not always have their way
Darkness claim its own but the good will know the day

Thank you: f/b friends during this time

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little Birds

Little birds are singing so happily
As they are looking up to eternity
They are beckoning peacefully
"Come live like us and you'll be free"

Little birds are flying majestically
Above the wind's pure canopy
Whistling out they signal out to me
."There's more to life you will see."

Little birds nestled up in their tree
Enjoying their shade and security
Gently whisperng to console me:
"Things become clearer you will see"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Deep Inside

Gently the rivers are flowing inside me
Creating a rythymn  of quiet  tranquility
Whispering  waves touch on my heart string
Universal wisdom inside me is  echoing.

Outside you will never hear  this happening
Musical releases while creation is whispering
Only in the silence unheard of and still
WIll the universe whisper secrets to your will.

So silence your senses and all of your ways
If you want to capture what matters and stays
Not all things that glitter are valueable you know
But everything inside you will always glow

We are all invited

Slowly the morning sun is rising  in the sky
Painting a gentle glow on the clouds passing by
Warmly it is reaching out with its gentle rays
Touching every creature and sweetening their ways

Morning doves are cooing, as the night slips away
Creatures of the dawn are embracing the new day.
All the earth awakens to the peaceful melodies
Escaping from the birds who are nesteld in the trees.

We are all invited each and every day
To unite with all the creatures  in a very special way
Joining in the Spirit that gives life to everything
We can lift our voices and continue  what  they sing.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Knocking on my door

Once again the past comes knocking on my door
And I am having to think of that time once more
How I dread the thought of going over there
Without friend or family or anyone to care.

Bravery is not a word that I'm wanting to hear
When all my being is shaking inside me with fear
How can I feel safe in a place where I was hurt
By a supposed  "friend" who  had treated me like dirt.

Again I'm being faced with life's uncertain ways
And I surrender completely to the upcoming days
What cannot be changed must be fully embraced
The path marked out for me cannot be erased.

The Waiting

The heart is breaking up inside
Tears are pouring down outside
The future moments yet to be
Stir up emotions inside of me

If I could  stop the coming day
It would be passed over  right away
But life doesn't  cater to our fears
It keeps on going despite our tears.

Life is like a journey

:Life is like a  journey with so many paths to take
It's not surprising, therefore, that we could make a mistake.
Some paths seem so promising: they sparkle and they glow;
But once we walk upon them, the truth about them we know.

Other paths seem uninviting; yet they strike us to the core:
Something about them calls us to   venture and explore;
And though at first we're frightened by the  journey we can't see
We find that which was scary is just where we should be.

So, While we journey on we must keep an open mind
And be  ready to let go and leave the familiar behind
For life is  about learning and becoming all we can be
And staying in one place never lends  to this you see.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Softly the silence

 Softly the silence is whispering to me
"Come quiet your being and set your soul free
Rest in the moment of the stillness within
Silence your thinking and healing will begin

The noises around you are taking your peace
You need time apart; all actions must cease
Quiet moments away from  the world outside
Will help start the healing you're needing inside

You cannot know yourself if yourself you can't hear
Noises outside you will make things unclear
Silence is the remedy you need it each day
And visits with your doctor to insure you're ok."

Not like the rest

Trembing before the brokenness that I am seeing inside of me
I'm wondering if I'll ever reach a normal level of maturity
I dont see things like others do;and  so often I am blind
To the bad intentions others have in the back of their mind

Why can't i think like others do and see harm when its near?
Why am i slow to understand what others see as so clear?
I know something's not right with me; that I'm not like the rest.
I'm like a child in an adult body; but I'm  trying to do my best.

Little Child

 Little child, you're longing for your mother's care
I know you feel  like there's no one there
Little child, how can I take your pain away
I am stumbling to find  the right words to say.

Little child, I see your scars so  black and blue
Tell me,  little one, who did this all to you?
Little child I am sorry for all the pain you knew
How I wish that it wouldn't have happened to you.

Little child, I'm not able to hold back the tears
I know how much you've suffered all those years.
Little child, you have been hurt so much, I know
Memories   always follow us where ever we go.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Two Orphan Kitties

Seeing those two little kittens whose mommy was taken
Caused some  deep  hurts to rise and awaken
How can I not cry at such a pitiful sight
Two little kittens without mom to protect them at night

Not old enough to know why their mommy didnt stay
Two  little kittens learn quickly of life's cruel way
Will they even  survive  without their   mother's love
Tragedy at their age will show what their made of

Still Feeling Small

Tears are falling deep inside
because of things I still must hide
How I wish could tell her all
But I'm still feeling very small

Afraid of things from long ago
Memories hold me back I know
She's as patient as can be
This person that I nickname "T"

Someday it'll all come out of me
And be in the open  for her to see.
Little by little I'll  try and   try
To share the things that make me cry.

Some day

Some day the days will never end;
we will be forever in the light
And there won't be any more darkness
for there'll be no more night
We will never need to sleep or rest
for all things will be new
And work won't be a requirement
or on the list of things to do

There'll come a day when hatred stops
and there'll be only love
And there won't be any difference
between the earth and heaven above
All will live as meant to be;
as was in the beginning of time
Everyone will be a poet then
and find every reason to rhyme

Don't be afraid to cry

 It's ok to cry to set all your feelings free
Even if your tears come out for all to see
Tears are very healing, they carry what we hide
Every tear has a story nestled deep inside.

It's ok to cry to let those rivers run outside
Courage doesn't mean:"Hold everything inside"
We release our tensions, built up deep within
By letting down the  walls that cage our feelings in

It's ok to cry to let those hurt emotions  run
Let every pain outside till inside there is none
Holding on too tightly will only break your heart
Let go of every sorrow, healing is soon to start

Friday, September 23, 2011

FInding me

I'm trying to find me I'm trying to be free
I'm finally discovering there's more to me
But how to uncover  all that's inside:
It's all overwhelming; I feel I must hide.

Every time that  I get a little glimpse of me
I step back and wonder: "how can this be"
It's different from all  "they" said it would be
My life is  unfolding in front of me.

With all these   thoughts inside of me
I'm grateful to have some  therapy
Where I have someone to work with me
 I am discovering what it is "to be"

Kissed by a virus

kissed by a virus; I'm dizzy in my head
so I am a little slow getting out of bed
now that I'm awake;i have my work to do
calling all angels: help me make it through

my throat's a little itchy; cold is in my eyes.
someone called my phone: caught me by surprise
today's is a little harder so it'll take a while
for me to get moving and you can see my smile

Life has its rainy days and it storm clouds too
Today is a bit stormy but I will  make it through
I know that in one's life; the rains help things grow
so I'm looking for the growth in this strom I know.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

losing a friend

tonight the tears are all around
they fall quickly to the  ground
i hold onto words i want to say
i cannot wish this hurt away...

I feel so deeply the pain inside
overwhelmed i want to run and hide
Unable to stop the hands of fate
words that cut have hit me late.

like death itself is losing a friend
after so long how tragic the end
religion again has done it to me
why is it wrong  to live life free?

The world I dream Of

 i dream of a world where there will only be love
where hatred and prejudice are never heard of
Where everyone is friendly and everyone will care
Where kindness and concern can be found everywhere.

There will never be need for the protests or lines
Of  people crying out and  carrying huge signs
For all will be loving and all will be   kind
Such are the visions that occupy my mind.

Would that these dreams could really come true
And hatred and violence would finally be through
Would that our prejudices could all disappear
Then peace and harmony would dwell with us here.

The Colors of Fall

The morning is arriving while night edges away
So much beauty and color are part of the new day
Autumn is with us ; she brings us much cheer
Colorful are the tones she's paints on all here

The trees are now golden with the coming of Fall
Everything's  changing, both the great and the small
With the season of harvest some things must die
While others are gathering to say their good bye

The cold winter is sleeping but soon she'll awake
When Autumn is finished with  the route she must take
Fearful and haunting the wind whispers: it is  time
For the poets to come out with their sombering rhyme

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Taught to self harm

the blood it trickled down my skin
and opened up my  heart within
lash after lash the wounds  would appear
all sanctioned by the church I fear

around my waist the metal i wore
stung the flesh it crushed and tore
twice a week for several years
I inflicted hurt that brough me tears

I learned to cut out  evil ways
and offer repentance as my praise
whenever  i felt I was doing wrong
i would create a wound deep and long

ALl this done in the name of prayer
Hurting myself without much care
This was a ritual taught to me
In the name of religion I hurt me..


Ignored and forgotten

Ignored and forgotten set aside without a voice
Does a beaten little child ever have a choice
Shivering and shaking,  broken as can be
Imagine the kind of world this child is going to see

Never knowing  kindness and crying out for  love
Pushed away from the mother: always made fun of
What becomes of the child who grows up in such hate
Will there be any hope;  what'll be the child's fate?

We  pretend not to see it; and even close our eyes
Shut all the windows so we can't hear the cries
But there in our memory some day we'll recall
The sound of a child, helpless and so small.

one with the universe

the universe awakens and calls out to me
together we praise the Eternal Deity
together we ready for the start of the day
the universe and i are joined as we pray.

the sun is shining her beauty all around
the wind is whispering  her gentle sound
the birds are singing in  sweet melody
the  universe and I are close as can be

all of us are united by one command band
the universe unites us together we stand
the elements the plants and all living things
together we reflect what Eternity  brings.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Going inside:

The world is quiet all around me my mind is full of stuff
Theres no room for any more musings it has had enough
So I spend this time in silence and let my soul be still
Allowing some peaceful moments to touch upon my will

In the silence everything is louder one can hear the spirit within
Seems like its almost shouting " its time for the healing to begin"
So I wait here inside my being backing off from all routine
I allow  the spirit to guide me into the secret lands  unseen.

It can be a little bit frightening for all one's demons are inside
They growl  and fuss about you and bring up things you hide
Oh my goodness gracious I so wasn't expecting  this
I was seeking a flowery meadow a little heavenly bliss

But now I'm here inside me facing all the hurts and fears
I can feel the tension rising and expect a downpour of tears
For am here with my little me who already had begun to cry
And is asking me a million questions that all begin with why.

Hang in there...

 I hear you in the evening when I close my eyes to pray
I see you through my minds eye I don't know what to say
But your tears that keep on falling will soon be going away
The angels asked me to tell  you that your worries will not stay

You feel that life is burdensome; you are weighted down with care
You feel that people don't understand you; you look for whats not there
But the angels keep on telling me to relay a message from here
Your troubles are almost over and you are very dear

It may seem a bit cloudly like things aren't going your way
You're wondering about your decisions: if you should even stay
Hang in there for awhile: you are going to see things through
You have all that you are needing its all inside of  you.

Hang in there just a while longer and you will come to see
Why all the things you wanted were just not meant to be
Sometiimes life willl take away people that you hold so dear
Only to replace them with the ones that are meant to be near

Monday, September 19, 2011

when the rain falls

The rains have been falling all day long
The birds wouldn't even sing their song
How dismal the day has been outside
So  glad I can find sunshine deep inside

So inside my heart I  quietly stay
And picture a bright and sunny day
Where  animals always run and play
And people love every one the right way

While I'm pondering I begin to see
A river flowing along side of me
It whispers softly while passing by
Drop in here what makes you cry

So I let go of all  the things that hurt:
The words that made me feel like dirt
And watched the river take away
All those awful hurts from today.

I'm Sorry

 I'm sorry I had to leave but I couldn't take it any more
black and blue with bruises; always ending on the floor
I was just your  little girl who only needed     love
you  treated me in ways that I should never had known of

I am made to be the bad one to everyone you know
but you will never tell them what I had to undergo
I want to be there with you but you wont let me be
You keep on repeating it was a mistake for  having me.

so I am living as an orphan, apart from family;
but  I would be accepted if i give up my therapy
If I  go  back to worshipping with all the pedophile
than i might be counted as your prodigal child

You continue with abuse by all the words you say
Reminding me I am a failure in every possible way
If you really were my mother it wouldn't matter at all
How many times I failed or how often i might fall

Thank you for all the beatings and for hating me
You taught me how not to act how I shouldn't be
And though i'll never see you again I'll always care
Because even broken children  are able to be fair.

Good morning

Good morning. I hiope you have a wonderful day
That many blessings will  be yours along the way
THat nothing hurtful shal fall upon you as you go
That kindness and love will be the only things you know.

If you grow weary as your day opens up to  you
I hope someone will help you to make  it through
And if things happen  that you don't understand
May there be someone to take you by the hand

When you are driving I wish you focus along the way
And if you're angry that you limit  the words you say
If you feel lonely that someone will be there for you
and that you will be kindly in everything that you do.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

I hear music inside me

Sometimes I can hear inside me some peaceful melody
The words are only partly there; the rest depends on me
I must put together the ending that make sense poetically
And see if by joining it to the rest i have some harmony.

I don't quite understand it all  for it simply just appears
Music sounds within my heart and moves me to some tears
It doesn't require a phd to write down the simple rhyme
But rather just an open heart and a portion of my time.

I think that anyone is able to  hear the words from deep within
You simply have to close your eyes and let the sound begin
As you hear the words inside try to picture them outside
Than grab a pen and write it down: everything from inside

I have jumped into the ocean

I have jumped into the deep ocean, that is the ocean of:  " me"
And am hoping that I can  discover how it is I have come to be
Swimming through the  waves of time and endless tears
I will consider how this ocean has been created over the years.

Since I am not an expert in navigating  the water underground
An expert has been sought to help me find my way around.
Together we will examine whats living  deep inside
And decide which is worth keeping:  what  better left outside

Sometimes the water are calm and so  easy to navigate
And other times they're  choppy and make  me want to hesitate
Yet whatever may be happening inside this ocean I call me
I know I have a guide who will help me through all   I see.

Change Happens

Waking up early I hear the crickets singing
So peacefully beautiful their sound is ringing
They sing of the passing of night into day
Their song is so soothing it lightens the way

In the distance a robin is starting to wake
She knows that she has a long journey to take
To the south she will go it's warmer than here
How deeply  I will miss her melody so dear.

Time changes everything for good or for bad
You acquire new friends and lose some you had
But like the seasons that return year after year
Some friends are forever and will always be here.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Words for one's therapist..

Words for one's  therapist

I carry my broken heart in the palm of my  hand
And I'm letting you see inside so you can understand
How very difficult  it is to have so much hurt  inside
While presenting a cheerful face to all the world outside

Look at it, if you will, for I'm opening to you my heart
You get to see everything there, even the painful part
 There's lots of laughter and joy and happiness inside
But there's also that painful stuff that I continue to hide.

And though you might not know it; there's still so much  pain
That is waiting to be released like a sudden downpour of rain.
And because I've come to trust you I will open to you that door
That never once has been  opened to anyone else before

Thank you for helping me and for all of the  therapy
That is helping me understand so that I can better see
I treasure all the moments and value you all the time
You're putting forth to assist me; please accept this rhyme

"The Little Girl Next Door"

There is a little girl next door whose mommy abuses her every day
She's  never allowed to have friends over; no one comes over to play
Her clothes are  so very  ragged  yet when  she passes by she'll  smile
Her eyes tell of hurt yet she glows like angels   sat with her awhile.

And she's so broken; she feels like she doesn't have a single friend
She's  hoping that some day all this beating will come to an end
She feels lhat no one ever notices that she is   black and blue
She tries to let them know but really doesn't know what else to do.

The teachers notice  this  little girl often has a pail white skin
And When they go to touch her , she backs away to hide within
There's  always some markings on her arms and on her tiny face
She's frightened and she shivers whenever  she get up from her place

And she's so broken; she feels like she doesn't have a single friend
She's hoping that some day all this beating will come to an end
She feels lhat no one ever notices that she is   black and blue
She tries to let them know but really doesn't know what else to do.

The little girl talks daily to someone no one else is able to see
She show off her scars and asks "  how much longer will this be?"
When she plays with the person that no one else is able to see
She appears to be like an angel: running around  and carefree.

And she's so broken; she feels like she doesn't have a single friend
She's hoping that some day all this beating will come to an end
She feels lhat no one ever notices that she is   black and blue
She tries to let them know but really doesn't know what else to do.

The government took her away and then brougth her back  again
How many little ones end up with the abusing party they started in
Why is it that our  children are so undervalued in our world today
They have such tiny voices :but have so much they want to say

And she's so broken; she feels like she doesn't have a single friend
She's hoping that some day all this beating will come to an end
She feels lhat no one ever notices that she is   black and blue
She tries to let them know but really doesn't know what else to do.

We need stronger laws to protect the helpless little children in our world

Friday, September 16, 2011

Beauty is everywhere

Can you see the immense beauty that is all around?
Have you ever listened and enjoyed  the tiniest sound?
Does the universe ever help you when you need a  smile?
Have you ever sat  down and appreciated mother earth awhile?

When the wind whispers can you hear it call your name?
Did you know that the universe truly loves us all the same?
Would you ever be willing to spend some time near the sea
Or would you allow yourself to explore the riches of simplicity?

Do the flowers blooming ever give you a deep joy inside?
Have you heard the secrets that creation whispers outside?
Would you quiet yourself so that you can hear plants talk
Have you ever just put all aside to take a nature walk?

An abused child's words

I just want you to love me mommy can you not see
I don't even understand why you are beating on me
You're hurting me so much that I'm  all black and blue
Mommy don't you love me anymore cuz I sure  love you

Mommy i made a picture today do you want to see
why are you tearing it up mommy its one of you and me
I did my very best mommy i thought you should know
I didnt go outside the lines cuz I colored it  real slow

Today teacher asked me why there's black around my eye
I didn't tell her you hit me mommy:   I made up a  lie
Will you hug me mommy: just a little bitty  one?
You never hug me mommy what have I ever  done.

Mommy won't talk to me God she only beats on me
Nothing I do is ever right can you tell why this must be
I am so hurt and scared God i tried all that I can do
Mommy wont love me God can I get some love from You?

Winter is coming and Autumn is seen

The cold wind is whispering   all around
Summer is gone no more to be found
Leaves and plants are losing their green
Winter is coming and Autumn is seen

Some of the birds are filling the sky
Forming a V as they pass us  by.
Before they leave, they wave goodbye:
"We'll be back soon, so don't you cry".

The  warmth of the summer disappears
Memories of the snow falling reappears
We also picture beauty that is all around
When  blankets of snow cover the ground

Think not only of the cold and biting chill
That seems to slow nature and our will
But rather remember the beautiful things
That autumn and winter always bring.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sitting here with my pile of stuff

Sitting here with my pile of stuff that I've gathered through the years;
I can see a broken heart, a broken life, and my basin full of tears.
It's not easy to come to grips with all that I have been through:
Admitting that I needed  therapy was not a popular thing to do.

Yet here I am with all my brokenness, seeking in some small way
To begin to heal  my  inner child who was never allowed to play.
For it's only by healing the child within  that I can begin anew;
And be able to live my life completely as I was meant to do.

So little by little I'm opening boxes that I've been  holding inside:
Allowing my therapist to see the hurts that were never allowed outside
Trusting that with her gentle guidance I shall finally begin to  heal
And move from walking that broken path to a path thats healthy and real.

From the heart of a therapist

Come now and bring that wounded heart to me
Let me see if I can help you in letting it go free
I can see there all the hurts and also all the fears
So much has been built up from the passing years

Come now let me help you while you learn to heal
I will help you sort out all the sham from the real
I can see there your confusion from all you've been told
You actions say to me that you feel that I will scold

Come now let's let that inner  child go free
I will be here right beside you its ok to trust me
I know you've been let down by people in your past
Together we'll work together to build something that'll last

Come now lets start the journey with our task in hand
I will listen to all your words and strive to understand
You need to know you're valued and that you can  heal
We'll undo the false ideas and replace them with the real.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In Need Of Some Repair

I'm broken, I'm fragile in need of some repair
My history, my hurts my thinking does impair
Confessing, embracing all the past in me
Empowers, enlightens: enables me to be:

More open, more honest: I'm striving now to be
I'm spilling out secrets: un-hiding my  history
I'm shaking, I'm nervous never had someone care
Am welcomed, understood: feeling I can share.

Challenged and questioned: I'm invited to grow
Therapy's revealing my self I didn't know
No vacation or picnic real work is done here
A victory is waiting I feel it drawing near.

Look at the flowers

Look at the flowers, look  how they  grow
Each one has a story that you'll  never know
Once they were seeds; but, look at them today
Each  adding their beauty along life's long way

The flowers never speak, or say look at me
But  their beauty invites everyone to come see
they color the fields and they  color the day
Flowers speak volumes by what they dont say

The flowers they weather the sun and the rain
To teach us to accept  the joy and the pain
They bless everyone as they're gazing above
And invite us to share the gift of  our love.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a memory has dropped by

Tears are falling this evening for a memory has dropped by
No matter how hard I try not to I can not help but cry
The images are so vivid that I shake all over with fear
Painful words and threats are playing back to me most clear

Memories can be so painful that  they pierce you to the heart
Just when you think its over another one  begins to start
Sometimes I can fight them nobly and put them in their place
At other times I must surrender and give to  them their space.

Tonight  I cannot avoid them so I am off to meditate
Hoping to replace these image with those I contemplate
Before the ocean in my mind I throw my worries with care
And hope some kindly wave will take these hurts somewhere

Like a child who has been beaten I am shivering  endlessly
So i'm begging all the creatures to come and comfort me
IT doesn't take too much to help me dry my many tears.
Just a caring and kindly word can help soften those years.

An Invitation to silence

Will you come and  follow me to that pure mystery
That will lead you secretly to a life that is free
Deep deep inside of you calling and inviting you:
Come explore the universe that you never knew.

The world outside entices you but the spirit invites you;
You will have to choose between the false and the true.
Only when you 're silent can you receive the guidance
That the spirit is offering, if you will take the chance.

Do not worry about methods or how you will do it
Simply silence your being and listen for the spirit.
For while you are quieting the noises from the outside
The spirit will be transforming your heart from the inside.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Beside the River

I am so very tired tonight, my mind is weary too
Its so hard to concentrate, there's nothing left to do
But to withdraw from everything and to gently rest
Within the arms of the universe where i sleep the best.

 Before I close my eyes to sleep I will spend some time
Beside the peaceful river whose waters inspire my rhyme
contemplating gently the sounds so pure and clear
I will listen to the spirit of the waters drawing near.

The day is quickly ending, the sun disappears from sight
While the river starts to glow, beneath the moon's gentle light
Everything's quieting down while the gentle  river flows
Whispering  peace is in the silence and in the silence grows.

In words unspoken

Oh what quiet beauty is before us; it is all around;
it says so very much  without ever making a sound.
yet why aren't we able to understand what it has to say?
The universe remains silent if it finds no where to stay.

We must cultivate a place for the universe inside
If we want to understand what we arent able to outside.
The universe is different when speaking to you an me
It does't use human words to communicate mystery.

So we must hear with our spirits. the words it has to say,
And allow it to become one with us each and every day.
The universe will whisper to us secrets most profound;
But only if it finds us open will its meaning  be found.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Evening is calling

Evening comes bringing us moments of quiet after a busy day,
And invites each of us to enter through its secret passage way:
Where we can ponder the mysteries hidden from our mortal eyes,
Yet exposed in the silence where all truth and wisdom lies.

 The evening comes calling as we are watching the setting sun,
And asks  us to consider our endeavors and what  we have done.
Have we spent our day in fairness and kindness for one and all,
Or are there things for which we're sorry and rather not recall?

As the time is nearing for us to close our eyes in sleep;
What thoughts would we be carrying, what memories keep?
If we would draw something from the rest we will take
Let us  remember that our day becomes the bed we make.

If you listen

Putting together some words in the form of a rhyme
Is a bit challenging when you are pressed for time
But I'm slowing down my spirit and silencing my will
So that I may capture the universe with a heart that is still

I close up my being to all the noises outside
And let all of creation come to my silence inside
I can see all the creatures who are wandering around
And hear in my spirit how each creature would sound

The bunny that is  nibbling the grass ever green
Tells me, through his eyes, all the beauty he's seen
The butterfly flying and the bees that buzz around
Invite to see all the treasures that they have found.

The quiet little flowers that so gracefully  grow
Tell me beauty is not boastful, this you should know
The plants and the trees that reach towards the sky
Remind me nothing is acquired if one doesn't try

So much can be learned if one listens with care
The universe will speak and is  heard everywhere
One has to back away from all the noises outside
To hear all the secrets the universe will confide.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

The music of the universe

when the evening falls upon us
and day says her good bye
the moon is slowly taking her place
in the darkening sky
creatures are scampering all about:
some are ready to rest
while others are just waking up,
ready to leave their nest.

 the night wind quietly stirs around
and starts her melody
while the universe joins in and sings
a simple harmony
all creation is moving around,
going here or there
evening creates a symphony
to warm the chilly air.

if you listen carefully
you will be able to hear
the music of the universe
as evening is  drawing near
Let it soothe you deep inside
and leave you with its peace
The universe will always help
to make your worries cease.

Through swollen eyes

It's morning and  my heart has survived another painful night
Through swollen eyes I take in the gentle glowing light
The morning star, that always lights up our entire day
Touches me gently and offers me healing in this way.

Sorrows can't deaden my senses to the beauty all around
And I know that in such beauty true peace of heart is found
So, I  surrender to the wisdom being offered freely to me
Through the voice of the universe who offers solidarity.

Starting from within my safeplace I will begin my day
And from these quiet moments I will carry something away
I will take the visions that sustained me while I was inside
To  every moment that I must encounter while I'm outside.

I confess freely that I am not as strong as I should be
But I find help using tools that I have been given by my T
Because of this,  I find that even after all the pouring rain
There is a calm that helps me refocus through all the pain.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Abandonment is a terrible thing...

Tears they fall from a broken heart that will  not seem to mend
Memories, playing over and over, recreate hurts without end.
I try so hard to heal the woud but its worse then i ever saw
Abadonment is a terrible thing; remembering it leaves one raw.

What sorrow can ever be so deep as to loosen so many tears
What hurt can ever be so intense that it lingers for many years?
Only the one that comes from the soul who has been painfully denied
By those for whom she gave her life.for whom she would have died

Yes the tears are falling like the rain; they come from deep within
How hard I am trying to stop them now but they fall again and again.
I know from where they are coming but don't know how to stop their flow
Abandonment is a terrible thing, something you will never want to know.

Healing us inside.

Evening falls gently on the world tonight
Slowly the Sun is fading  from sight
The moon is glowing and ready to shine
Nocturnal songs touch this heart of mine.

Memories were loud and hurtful today
I wasn't able to stop them or push them away
Tears were flowing and falling everywhere
I saw everything again,as though I was there.

The night comes quickly carrying her song
Inviting me to join her and   follow along
Though tears are falling I gladly agree
And enter my safeplace so I can see.

Creatures of the day are going to sleep
While nocturnal ones are ready to creep.
An owl is singing while perched in a tree
The universe is singing her night song to me.

As I sit and ponder the sounds that I hear
Memories and hurts begin to disappear
Nature has her way of healing us  inside
We have only to let her touch all that we hide.

The Earth Has Been Crying

The earth has been crying, the universe moaning
Hatred and lying has caused all this groaning

ref: oh can  you not see it or can you not feel it
     all of our discord is grieving her Spirit.

The ocean is breaking, the earth she is quaking.
Winds they are taking, without even waking

ref: Oh can  you not see it, or can you not feel it
       All of our discord is grieving her Spirit.

The forests they are dying, the rivers overflowing
The spirit she is trying, to enlighten our knowing

ref: O can you not see it, or can you not feel it.
      All of our discord is grieving her Spirit.

The air she is thinning, the waters unclearing
Hurricanes beginning, while tornados are nearing

ref: O can you not se it, or can you not feel it?
       All of our discord is grieving her Spirit.

Lots of  destruction, so small the recovery
Ignoring instruction, great famine our  discovery

ref  O can you not see it; or can you not feel it?
      All of our discord is grieving her Spirit.

Will we keep hating, continue  dividing
The earth is affected by all our  deciding.

ref  O can you not see it; or can you not feel it
      All of our discord is grieving her Spirit.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

If you feel you can't go on

If you feel that you can't go on; that life's too much to bare
Close your eyes fpr a moment and listen with gentle care
inside you is a spirit who has always been with you
This spirit will protect you and help you make it through

Life is so much more than any sorrow you can know
Sorrows pass away but life will continue to flow
You will have to dig down deep into your quiet place
Until  you find your strength and the needed grace.

Don't let the loss of friends be cause for your dispair
For you know you'll find others who'll sincerely care
Life is full of things that will  heal and hurt, it's true
But life will always only have just one version of you.

Wishes for you

This morning I wish you  a wonderful day
With blessings and graces along  your way
May peace be in your heart whatever you do
And act as your passport the whole day through

If moments become difficult  for your today
Or if sorrow should greet you along the way
I wish you strength that comes from within
To keep you focused if worries begin

When work is upon you may you always do
All that's expected and assigned to you
May you give of yourself one hundred percent
And share the gifts that you have been lent

As evening draws near may you always be
Resting in the universe peacefully carefree
And may all who are around you also know
That hope that is inviting everyone to grow


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Troubles come and troubles go
One thing only  we must know
Love is forever and so are we
We decide our   eternity.

Things we do and things we say
Paves our path along life's way
Pain and pleasure side by side
From neither one can we hide.

Friends and foes one by one
Appear until our life is done
All will know some love and hate
Life doesn't ever descriminate

Life and death, sickness and health
They come to poverty and to wealth
One thing only we will all decide
Where we're going once we've died.


Signs of the season changing are starting to show
Leaves begin to color and the grass stops to grow
The air becomes cooler and birds sing of change
Everything in our lives begin to rearrange.

Fall is the season when many things must die
It seems a pity but no need to question why
When one thing is ending another  will begin
There's nothing that dies that wont rise again.

Consider the acorn that falls from the tree
Its trampled and crushed and then left to be
Spring comes around and that broken seed
Is growing once more, to answer a need.

We are all here for a time to enjoy mother earth
Blessed with so much from the moment of birth
Like every living creature we change with the time
But may everyone be blessed who is reading this rhyme.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In between the raindrops

Clouds have been congregating for most of the day
While it appears that the rain will not be going away
The cool air has been chilling everything around
Nightcrawlers have emerged from the watery ground

Songbirds have been silent; I sure miss their song
 I hope that the sun will soon be coming along
The rain is so soothing yet there comes a time
When you want something else to put in your rhyme.

So I must go inside to my most favorite place
And picture the warm sun kissing  my face.
I'll imagine the creatures all running around
Dancing and singing  and making their sound.

There's always a place where one can hide
From the storms and rains that are outside
We simply have to quiet our souls and be still
Then let wisdom paint pictures upon our will.

Secrets Exposed

She remembered the days when no one was there
Even though there was family they didnt't   care
She cried out in the silence but no one was near
Why wouldn't they help her, why wouldnt they hear?

Her body was beaten  and bruised every day
Others knew it was happening, but  looked away
Too many were afraid of all that they knew
She carried her secrets, not knowing what to do.

Year after year she kept her secrets inside
To the world she was happy and smiling outside
But scars kept her chained  to memories within
And kept her from allowing any healing to begin.

Told to be silent like the saints   long ago
She feared exposing secrets for others to know
Others kept victmizing her whenever they could
She didnt run from the hurts as any other would

Finally something happend to change the tide
And the wounds she hid  would no longer hide
The time had come for her to open from within
And expose the  wounds so  healing could begin.

The journey goes on but she walks with her guide
Who is teaching her to handle all that's inside
She is no longer a victim  that others can hurt
Like a Lotus she is pushing through all of the dirt.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Letting others see...

The rain is continuing to fall and so does all my tears
Seems like they are carrying secrets from so many years
Yet like the rain that's watering  the thirsty ground outside
My tears are watering the garden that's growing deep inside.

Sometimes the storms are scary, we want to run and hide
And when the tears are falling we try to keep them all inside
Showing our weakness frightens us; we don't want others to see
That we can be so weak inside : we're walking vulnerability.

Yet in trying to accept ourselves we must learn not to be afraid
Of letting others see the  truth of what we are really made.
We must love ourselves enough to know we are precious indeed
And that We are uniquely beautiful there is nothing more we need.

Inside my feelings

how do I  describe these emotions deep within
that break open the basin of tears once again
Painfully deep the pain and fear that I hide
Carves away pieces of my heart from inside.

Crying alone without anyone to hear
Every hurt is exposed along with my fear
Yet how do I stop all this pain that I feel
Flashbacks are memories that seem so real.

Put away that work

Take some time now, put all that work away.
Rest awhile. you are deserving of this  day.
Labor day is  your day; it's set aside  for you;
And for anyone who has some kind of work to do

Now ask yourself why would try to work today?
You have the day off and you're working anyway?
Are you afraid of what a little bit of rest will do?
Put all that stuff down, and enjoy just being you

No excuses now , resolve to enjoy this holiday
What  will you be doing how will you rest today?
Pull out some games or head out somewhere fun
But remember, you're celebrating all you have done.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Cicada

The night is dawing near as the cicada sings her song
She tells us  Autumn is coming, it wont be very long
Her melody is so peaceful and so soothing to the ears.
For a moment I have forgotten the reason behind my tears.

Like the robin who appears and sings of the coming spring
The cicada sings of the Fall and the colors it will bring.
She is not so pretty to look at; if you see her you may run
But you will always love to hear her when  the day is done.

All that buzzing in the trees you hear this time of year
Are the cicadas telling us the time to harvest is near
The cicada like every creature is beautiful as can be
If you look beyond her appearance and hear her melody

Dear Mr. Man of God

Dear Mr.Man of God
Yes, you are trying to wear me down
and make me feel bad inside
you feel that you deserve to know everything
that I choose to hide
but its not for the confessional
you had your chance you see
when I was a little girl remember
you shut the door on me.
now you are begging me to come back
to that “Holy place”
yet in 2009 when I needed help
you treated me like a disgrace
how can you even try to explain
the gospel that you preach
when you never put into practice
any of the things you teach.
There are so many people outside
knocking on your door
But your rules and regulations
have no room for any more
You preach and teach of love and grace
but only seem to hurt
I understand how you want me to feel :
you want me to feel like dirt

Singing with the rain

Clouds in the sky are gathering around
Joining together they thunder a  sound
Droplets of rain on everything found
Storms are everywhere all around

Birds are singing despite the noise
Beautiful melodies are in their voice
A cardinal a robin and a sparrow too
Storms can't stop what they must do

In   life we'll see the storm clouds too
Rain will be falling and soaking us through
We must keep going despite all our fear
The storms won't last, they'll start to clear.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My inside out

Would it be okay with you if I just cry here on my blog
And let you walk with me through all this crazy fog
I know it's  all a journey, which I am passing through
But it's  all so very painful and overwhelming too.

Have you ever wondered how much you can truly take
Or have you ever questioned if your heart would really  break
It's not so easy to be healing when there are others around
Who are ready to salt your wounds and kick you to the ground

Just because I'm broken doesn't mean I've opened the door
For others to come and insult me and hurt me even more.
Sadly there are some who take advantage of the weak
So that they can feel superior by how they act and speak.

Yes some said they were helping when really they only  hurt
And by time they were done with me  I felt like I was   dirt
Some gathered all my secrets  and  then beat me up inside
Tossed me out as hopeless and made fun of me outside.

I find this journey painful because trust is hard to do
Yet I must learn to trust if healing is to come through
So I will keep on trying while I deal with all my fear
Which keeps me at a distance when others draw near.

Gentle spirit

Gentle spirit of the wind I felt your warming kiss
Awakening me to the moments, I never like to miss:
The dawning of the morning and the coming light
Dispels the reign of darkness and the passing night.

Gentle spirit of the wind you brushed against my face
While stirring up the universe from its resting place.
How softly you have whispered in the morning breeze
That wakens every creature and rouses all the trees.

Gentle spirit of the wind your voice is in the air
Inviting us to hear your words moving everywhere
You speak to us of mysteries in every sound we hear
And carry to us the hope we need as you're drawing near.

Gentle spirit of the wind how much you do each day
Yet our eyes remain blinded; we do not see your way
Only through our spirit are we able to hear you say
The wisdom of the universe in which we are to stay

Friday, September 2, 2011

In the Stillness

Today was full of stillness and thoughts were all around
I listened to the silence and and the emptiness made sound
No words were ever spoken yet so much I could hear
I heard the voice of the universe it was tender and sincere.

The wind carried its message and the trees sang their song
An orphan kitty meowed at what the breeze brought along
Bumble bees were busy and the ants were in parade
The wonders of the universe in silence are displayed

The Wisdom in the Wind

To the wind I decided to listen as it was gently passing by
And this is what it said to me while brushing against the sky
The wind whispered "things are deceiving, not as they appear to be
Don't go by all the hearsay or by what you outwardly see

The world outside is dangerous and full of many a hurtful thing
Its important not be lured in by what empty promises can bring
The flash of money can fool you and blind your eyes from within
Fame can disappear in a moment and leave you crawling again.

Temptation is all around you and you can choose from many things
Let wisdom be your compass when all the propaganda sings.
Within you, there is  a spirit that holds your inner light
Make your choices from deeep within you and not by outward sight."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Healing inside

I am broken and wanting to be free from all this hurt within
Its a slow process and I'm wishing the healing would begin
All my being is crying out from some deep emotional pain
And Tears are falling like an endless downpour of rain

In all of this I need to find my way to some peace within
Even if I cannot stop the pain from coming back again
If for a few moments I can quiet my soul and mind inside
Perhaps I can find some strength as I quietly rest and hide.

Within my safe place I silence all my senses and my will
And ask for wisdom to come whisper to me while I am still
I breathe in deeply the healing spirits love and grace
And exhale what will keep the healing from taking place..

Listen and See

There is a melodic hum echoing through the air
As a choir of happy crickets play with gentle care
Soothing the waking soul, their song is so unique
It fills the heart with tenderness of which it cannot speak.

A hint of the approaching day, an early bird does sing
A pure and whispering love is what her heart will bring
She sings of all the beauty and hope she has inside
The early riser is giving, her spirit she doesn't hide..

Now the warming rays of sun dance across the sky
And attempts to catch the attention of both you and I
Will we even notice all the coloring that is done
By the universe as she plans the journey of the sun?

It takes a careful ear and a most determined eye
To catch all the mysteries that tend to pass us by
Only if we take the time and listen with great care
Can we begin to hear and see the universe everywhere

The universe and I have become the closest
        of friends and I love her dearly