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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Will there ever come a day?

To the quiet place deep within
I am going once again
Lurking memories from the past
Cause  a downpour sure to last

Pulling here and pulling there
Memories tug my heart and tear
But I'm going deep inside
From the trauma I will hide

Gentle creatures everywhere
Call to me with earnest care
Birds are chirping in the air
Telling me I should beware

So I hide inside my space
Looking for some special grace
Keeping evil  far from me
So I   enter the mystery

There I see so pure and clear
Animals playing without fear
Flowers growing of every kind
Infinite beauty inside my mind

Lakes and oceans, countless trees
Mountains, valleys, buzzing bees
All the universe inside of me
Creating a peaceful symphony

Why oh why can't this always be
Why must peace be a fantasy?
Why is that we  always fight:
Prefer the darkness to the light?

Its always peaceful deep inside
but   reality hits once  outside
Will there ever come  a day
When wars and hatred will go away?

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