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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Who Will?

Do you see the broken and walk right by them or do you stop 
and try to help them through their brokenness. ? 
Some day you may be asking the very questions 
that are in this poem.

who will dry my tears that are falling down today
who will bring me comfort by the words they say
who will understand all the  pain I feel inside.
who will be the one to  release  the hurts I hide?

Who can stop the rain that is falling everywhere
Who will come around and say they really care
Who will be the one to go that extra mile
Who will have the words to give my heart a smile?

Who will not judge me  when they see me fall
Who will encourage me when I have no one at all
Who is not  afraid to stand up for what's  right
Who will give me courage to continue with the fight?

It takes a few seconds to find words of comfort 

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