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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where does all this lead?

How will you spend your day today will each moment speak to you
Or will you pass it in a rush of work not stopping till   day is through?
Will everything just pass you by  without you ever taking it in
How will you spend your day today,  are you ready for it to begin?

When you are readying to go to work will you stop to notice the air
Or will you hurry right pass your world not noticing what is there.
Will you speed pass all  you see with work directing your mind
What will be the force that drives you and what the results your find?

We are a world that's in a rush and rarely  take time to see
The beauty that surrounds our lives we are blind as we can be
We are taught to acquire and compete but what does all that mean;
If we cannot see past the dollar bill when someone mentions green?

It's important that to stop right now and ask ourselves these things
If all this really makes us  happy where is the peace it brings
Why do we keep on seeking more, why aren't we satisfied
Happiness is knocking outside our door but never gets inside.


  1. Thank you for this poem. I do believe life speaks to me through many avenues. I especially hear the beauty of it when I'm alone and taking in the view of the open sky. I love to watch the heavens. The birds are fascinating as well as the rose gardens. I've been taught so much through nature and somehow through an amazing power within itself it brings me comfort. Enjoyed the song you posted. I needed this. I was raped by my dad at an early age. I don't know for how long but I know it was repeatedly. I've had flashes of it and I have dissociative amnesia. This morning I was feeling his manipulative way of playing with me as if he loved me and then raping me as he did. I feel the hurt deeply this morning and then this song, this poem reassures me I'm going to get pass this. Thank you very much. May you continue to be blessed with all of God's beauty and love forever and ever.

  2. I am so sorry that you knew so much pain ..I, too, knew the pain of abuse and continue to struggle through storms. My "T" Therapist is helping me to find an outlet . .a quiet place where I can go till the storms calm. you can tell how many storms I am going through by the number of poems that come out. I write every time I go to the safe/quiet place. I enter into my soul and try to find the peace and calm that escapes me outside my soul and then from that calm go back out to the world which has so many strong winds and storms. I am happy you find the words helpful. I only see the words once I stop writing and read back the things that come to me in the quiet moments in my safeplace .. God bless you and give you strength and courage and hope..


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