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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


When you're near the ocean, does it call out your name?
When you hear the birds singing, do you also sing the same?
when your with the flowers, does their love fill the air.
When you're with the universe can you feel it's gentle care?

When you're in the forest do you whisper with the trees?
When you're in the meadow do you dance with the bees?
When you're near the fire does it set your heart aglow
When you're with the universe does it ask you what you know?

When you're with the animals do you join them as they play
When you're with the fish do you listen to what they say?
When you're near the mountains do you feel a little small
When your're with the universe do you feel close to all?

When you're with the butterflies do you also try to fly?
When you're with the hunters do you ever ask them why?
When you're with storm clouds do you ask them for some rain?
When you're with the universe does it take away your pain?

Did you answer every question? may I ask you why?
Do you believe that the universe is one with you and I?
Will you  listen more carefully, the next time you're outside?
The universe is always speaking; you hear it from inside.

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