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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awake before dawn

Wakened in the night by a passing memory
It shouted in my mind and had taken hold of me
Visions from the past called me from my sleep
Captured by some thoughts I was forced to keep

Now the morning is broken and I'm barely awake
Yet I greet the universe before the first step I take
Birds are still  singing and the sky is baby  blue
I can't but want to sing with all the creatures too.

So I scurry to my safe place and enter deep inside
And try to find the moments where all the mysteries hide
I see the mighty ocean and feel the peaceful breeze
I even hear the creatures that move about in trees

I know I must be silent and let my senses still..
So the universe can imprint  secrets on my will
Then I'llI   be able to embrace each and everything
As would a little  child who accepts what you bring

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