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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The universe within

 With all the gentle creatures, I would like to stay
And learn all their secrets and watch them as they play
I would like to remain  with them for longer  than a day
So I can learn their language and hear all they say

So now that I am here, inside my quiet place
I can  picture all the animals filling up this space
I  can see the little lambs and all  the rabbits too
With their  peaceful natures shining right through.

There are also baby deer and chipmunks all around
They are playing together, true friendship they have found
Birds of every kind sing  sweetly  in the trees
While I am  deeply touched by the quiet evening breeze.

I am now able to go back to embrace the  world outside
For I carry in my mind all these  images from inside.
And if I should get frazzled or upset once again
I can go back to my safe place and find my peace within


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