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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Angels in the storm

The rains have been falling and clouds are everywhere
My soul is in a downpour and memories come to scare
So I am trying to make use of all these  falling tears
But they are so many and have been waiting all these years

To my quiet place inside I am making haste to go
But am I so overcome by the storms scary show
With all that is in me  I attempt to slow the pace
Hoping that the universe will brighten up this space

So I close my weary eyes and silence all my mind
To see what images of peace my soul  is able to find
But it's the quiet little angels that come to  my mind today
And tell me that my homework can stir  memories this way

They continue to console me and tell me its okay
To let the raindrops fall and thunder roll my way
That storms are also good though they  sometimes scare
And  angels are ever ready to help me with their care.


  1. "And angels are ever ready to help me with their care." How encouraging and true. You are such a gifted writer. I believe the angelic host of heaven are with me in this storm even when I feel the most alone. When the memories come to me anew like a raging sea. I know the angels of heaven are with me. When the tears I cry pour and pour and it seems like I haven't even begun. I believe that the angels of God are right there with me catching every tear. I truly believe these angels are in the storm with me. Thank you, gifted writer, for sharing this most encouraging poem with me.

  2. It seems you too are gifted in expressing your thoughts and feelings and aspirations. Thank you for replying to the posts. I am moved within me. that some words that come from my heart can bring some happiness or hope to others.
    peace and love...


Thank you for your comment.. you are dear to me.. I will reply to this comment