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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Its been awhile since I wrote about T
Or anything concerning my therapy
So I wanted to stop and let you know
That therapy is really helping me grow

Sometimes its challenging as can be
But its only because its helping me
If there's to be growth we need some rain
And change never happens without some pain

There is so much that I can see
changing for the better inside of me
And though I have a long way to go
T has been great I want you to know

Boundaries are set; safe places too
I even have some homework to do
Little by little I can see changes in me
The effects of having good therapy

Thank you  "T"


  1. Hello, my friend. I want to take a little time and say thank you for the poem. I'm grateful to read that you're growing and that your T is such a blessing to you. I came to tell you also that my name is Maria. You can call me RiRi if you like. I have two daughters, one in college and the other is home school, 22 and 13. We're here in Georgia. I wanted to share with you a personal part of me because you are dear to my heart. I listen to "Can't Cry Hard Enough" at night when I lie down to rest. I write about you in my daily journal. You are a very special part of me. I've only been with you for a short minute and it seems I've had you for a while now. As I take this time away I thank God for you and I think about you and pray for you. Thank you for not being angry with me for going away. I do miss you already. I came to your post a few days back to give you my name but I couldn't send the comment because I don't have an e-mail address nor a blog. But today as I was laying down I decided to check again and now it lets me post this to you. I love you and again so grateful that you are growing and healing. That makes me feel good inside. I will be back when I can. Right now I can barely move because the muscles in my back are so tensed. I'm in a place emotionally that I can't find the words for. My daughters are so kind to allow me to have time to myself and it's good to have a friend like you...I love you, my friend. I'm hoping that you will continue to grow and heal. I so believe you will...In my silence, know that are hearts are bind together by heaven's handiwork. Friends forever, RiRi

  2. Hello "RiRi" what a miracle. I thought for sure you had disappeared and I had come to believe we are kindred spirits.. Thank you for coming back my friend. I am so humbled that you feel I am someone to keep in your daily journal . I am so blessed to have you as a friend..I cannot ever be angry with you but the broken part of me had thought I lost you my good friend because every time I have a really good friend ..somehow it is broken.. how happy I am that I was wrong . you are so so special to me. .At least now I can tell my T that you are back that I didnt lose you. oh how happy I am !!I am sorry you are suffering so much from your pains ..and hope angels will carry some healing energies to you .. I will always be your friend. you made me so happy by coming back. and letting me know you are alright..if you look in this blog i had written a poem just for you called "Friend from my blog :

    I love you too. .and BFF .. take care and godspeed.. my name is Joy


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