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Monday, August 29, 2011

Tears of Gratitude

Tears fall down in gratitude  that someone truly  understands me
That someone says its ok to cry: tells me, that they really do see
Its something I have never known before it touches me deep inside
For so long I have  just been struggling to hold  in the tears I hide.

 I have been  so afraid at times to let out what I'm really feeling
Afraid that I might be punished somehow or say something too revealing
But am coming to believe that  I have found someone who really does care
And that  i can  tell her anything; in her I can confide and share

It takes some time to build trust again so its a blessing for me to know
That I found  that someone to hear my  secrets and also to help me grow
Therapy is such a wonderful thing when you find the right  T for you
Miracles are always waiting to happen, but you have to want them to.

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