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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pondering with the Universe

There is a chatter of birds outside my window sill
And the breeze that is  blowing whispers with a chill
I know I must be getting up as morning soon will break
Its nice to listen to the melody that early risers make

I wonder if the flowers have a song  they like to sing
When the gentle rays of  Sunshine warm over everything
Or if when they are wakened  by the first golden ray
Do they have a fragrance they lift up in a special way.

What about the creatures who are asleep for the night
How do they welcome the first images of the morning  light?
Do they have a place where they go to greet the dawn
I would love to watch them now that the night is finally gone.

 I imagine it would be amazing to spend the entire day
Just visiting with the universe and hearing what it has to say
Sometimes with all the technology and noise we have around
We tend to miss the beauty and creations gentle sound.

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