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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The most beautiful happens

Today I am running late since the night was very long
So I am searching in my heart for some morning song
What words can I write that can  open up the day
To my safe place I  go to search for words to say.

The morning dove has sung and the sparrow has took flight
I am left here alone to ponder the morning light
The day is nice and cool and the sky completely clear
I open up my heart so that the universe I   hear.

The trees are gently swaying to the rhythm of the breeze
While the flowers are being tended by some busy bees.
Birds are conggregrating atop the  telephone line
While the bright star of morning warms this heart of mine

A cuddly little rabbit is nibbling on the lawn
As she  finishes up the meal she started at dawn
A group of worker ants are parading on my walk
Carrying some  prize trophy of which they'll later talk.

So much is going on in our world every day
But the most beautiful happens in a quiet way
The secrets  of the universe don't flash across a screen
But if you ponder in silence  mysteries can be seen

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