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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Morning comes early..

The morning comes early again for me
Lately the nights are done by three
 I am listening to  sounds from deep within
Whispers from the universe want to begin.

My soul was shaken alot  last night
So am eager to see what comes with light
Wondering if morning will see some rain
Or if I'll know some relief from  pain.

The morning dove sings out her melody
While rays from the sun reach out to me
Invitations come  from all around
The universe leads where peace is found.

To the quiet meadows I go once again
For the flowers delight  my soul within
Their song rises up so pure and clear
Simplicity keeps me company here.

The soul has its needs deep inside
The universe gives what was denied
We have only to surrender to the grace
Letting things happen whatever the pace.

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