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Monday, August 29, 2011

Little Butterfly

Little butterfly you were not always the prettiest flying thing around
Use to be, you were the one all the creatures saw crawling on the ground
Now look at you flying and fluttering around free as you can  ever be
We never know where we'll end up, though we know all our history

Little butterfly how was it when you crawled around here and there
Did you ever imagine that one day you be flying through the air?
Were you ever tempted to compare yourself to the others all  around
Were you happy when you were crawling around on the ground?

Little  butterfly tell me, how did it feel going through that change,
When all you caterpillar cells all  started to rearrange?
Was it painful or did it all really happen when you were asleep
Little butterly share with me some of those secrets that you keep.

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