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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Like a child

Like a child I am content with  the simplest of things
To me its not important what fame or fortune brings
I am happiest when I can be with all the universe
Listening to it whisper while I write my rhyme or  verse

Like a child I like to gaze at the blue sky above me
And watch as the clouds create images for me  to see
I like to gaze intently at the  starry sky at night
Hoping to see a shooting star aglow with sparkling light

Like a child I like to ponder things gentle and kind
And tire very quickly when nonsense feels my mind
Am not really interested in all the business news
And talk that gets too wordy gives me a case of  blues.

I'm just like a child and will always stay the same
I'm not interested in being  rich or finding any fame
I'll always find contentment in pure simplicity
So I try to keep things simple, simple as can be!

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