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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I stand amazed.

I stand amazed at the wonders happening all around me
I can't explain how awed I am before all life's mystery
I who struggle so much have come out with quite a victory
Only through the Eternal One can such things come to be!

I am still broken up inside and in need of much healing
All these things that have taken  place are very self revealing.
That I cannot believe that something I do can ever succeed;
Tells me how  broken I am, how much Therapy I truly need.

Being broken is not a bad thing if one sees the need to heal
what  makes one hopeless is having wounds one wont reveal
Because then one will walk around wounded and broken up inside
Handicapped by all the wounds and hurts that so deeply hide.

Let yourself be opened to whatever  healing  you may need
Take time to become whole; let your life take on a slower speed
It is not weakness to admit that you are broken up  inside
Or is it weakness to get healing for all the hurts you hide.

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