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Friday, August 19, 2011

How do you heal the broken child?

'Questions for those who work with abused children
                and survivor of child abuse.

How do you explain the hurt inside  a child so small
Who every time she spoke was hit until she'd fall
How do you speak of love when all she knew was hate
And the constant beatings   which she saw as fate

How do you start to heal that which you can't see
If the little one keeps  hiding for fear of what might be
How do you instill hope where there's  constant fear
And teach her   to  trust when she won't  let you near

How do you understand if you've never  known her pain
Or known how it is be treated like someone who's insane
How do you start the process and  heal this child inside
If you cannot see the scars; they're not seen  outside?

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