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Monday, August 22, 2011

Heart is breaking

Now my  heart  is breaking  in two
Broken in half by words from you
Can't you see what you do to me
Or is it planned: yes you see?

Don't you have a heart somewhere
Or aren't you  able to feel or care
Must you continue to punish me
And create wounds others can't see?


  1. "Must you continue to punish me and create wounds that others can't see" This happened to me for years especially from family members and so called friends. But one thing I've learned about the wounds that they were inflicting upon me is, I was giving them permission to. As a child I didn't have a chance because my abusers were bigger and stronger and they had the power to manipulate my child mind. But as an adult I wanted them in my life so much I kept a blind eye to their hurting words and hurtful ways towards me. The fear of abandonment kept my heart bleeding inside. Wounded over and over again by people who didn't see me, didn't hear me,didn't even respect me as human. Brainwashed into feeling I had to hold on to them to be alive, I instead was left for dead. I let go of them all. I'm so wounded inside from the fall. My dear Jesus said to me,He will heal my heart that bleeds. Yes, and it's okay that I cry. I cry, I cry, Oh how I cry; but I'm still alive and there's no one standing with me. Now my blinded eyes can see...Thank you for the poem. It makes me cry. The song is lovely and encouraging. I'm going to put it on my MP3 player.

  2. I'm so hurt right now. Hurt and confused. I'm going away for a while. I want you to know so you won't think I just walked away. Be strong and encouraged. When I get back I'm going to contact you. I'm going to miss you. I was stalked and hacked by someone I trusted and now I have to heal from what it did to me. I believed in him and it's hard for me to get focused and trust anything, even what I feel inside. I do believe in your poems and that has given me a ray of hope, a glimpse of light. I will be back. I'll try my hardest to return. I feel so stupid to have trusted him, my T., the way I did. I asked him why what and he never gave any apology or answer to why he did what he did to me. He absolutely shows no remorse at all and I thought he was such a kind person and cared about people. I guess he didn't see me as human either. I appreciate you and maybe when I come back you can share some good stories about you and your T. Be safe, be careful and may God presence remain with you... I'll be thinking of you in my time away. Please pray for me I'm hurting really bad.

  3. am sorry to see you leave but understand and hope you will be safe.. I live in fear because of things happening at my home..doors be broken etc.. we have to do what we can to protect ourselves and when we cant do this alone we must ask for help..your song about God's strength carrying you should be your strength now .as I truly believe when we are most vulnerable the Eternal sends us the most angels ..and they come to us in so many ways..we are not alone though the pain we carry is so very heavy.. Will pray for you.. am sorry what is happening..don't know how to help you as i don't know who you are I will ask God to take care of you..and God knows what and how to do ..

  4. Hope you are well my waiting your return


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