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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Healing the Memories

Memories have been following me all around today
Speaking to my mind and making room to stay
I want to move them out but they simply will not go
So I will have to adjust as they plan  their evening show.

They are speaking to me of things hurtful to my mind
I am trying to get away but they have me in a bind
Sometimes they overpower this poor heart of mine
Memories are like weeds and hold tighter than a  vine.

Perhaps a gentle image before my weary eyes
Will  turn my focus away from their taunting cries
So I gaze intently on the lake so peaceful and  still
Not trying to form any words just quieting my will.

Soon I hear the sound of the waters gentle flow
And  peace becomes part of me letting my spirit go
I simply sit  in  silence and let the waters heal
All that the memories brought me; all I that i had to feel.

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