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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Have you noticed?

Have you seen the sun above; is it shining bright?
Have you noticed the birds at all have you watched their flight?
Have you touched the gentle breeze as it moves the air?
Have you listened to the universe as it sings with care?

Have you stopped to smell the flowers you pass by every day ?
Have you stopped to listen to the bees buzzing along the way?
Have you noticed the sky above, can you tell me is it blue?
Or haven't you even noticed the it raining on you?

Have you heard the morning dove as she coos away?
Have you listened to the river speak it has so much to say
Have you let your days go by and never looked around
Have you let creation speak  and never heard a sound?

Have you ever thought to look for the beauty of each day?
Have you had the chance to hear what mother earth will say
Have you taken time at all to unplug from all the noise
Have you the courage to stop and hear the universe's voice?

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