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Monday, August 22, 2011

Good morning

Good morning little birds singing in my tree
Your song is so beautiful and delighting .me
I like to hear your melody so early in the day
It warms my heart completely in a specal way

Good morning little flowers waving through the air
Your colors are so many I am glad that you are there
Its nice to smell your fragrance when I first awake
It envelopes my whole being and every step I take

Good morning mister sunshine glowing in my sky
I'm glad that you are up there and didn't pass me by
Your gentle rays so warming touches all  outside
Thank you for every moment even when you hide.

Good morning every creature and all you plants around
Its so good to hear you unite in sweet  symphonic sound.
It gives rythmn to my morning and guides me through the day
Thank you my dearest universe you give beauty to my way.



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