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Monday, August 22, 2011

Friend From My Blog

 Dedicated to one of my readers here ....

Friend from my blog my heart is breaking open for you
I hear your cries and wish  I could help you make it through
But I can't because I don't even know where you are
O my sweet sweet friend are you near or are you far?

Friend from my blog my tears are falling down for you
I would give up my life's blood if you needed me to
I feel your pain its so very deep inside my heart
O my sweet sweet friend i thought you'd never part.

Friend from my blog may angels be with you everyday
And know that my heart is with you in a special way
I'll  hold your secrets inside the recesses of my heart
Never shall I speak of them or let them ever depart..

Friend from my blog I will wait for you to come back again
Because we are so connected,  I will follow you from within.
Where ever you go know that I will be thinking of you
Hoping you are safe and that God blesses all you do.


  1. Joy, your name is such a good description of what you give to me. I did read the poem the same day you posted it. I was hurting deeply and I am still touched by your generosity of love. I responded to you in my journal and if I may I want to share it with you.

    Her Words for Me

    When I read your words today
    I was touched by all you had to say
    Tender thoughts of affection for me
    Reached out today and set me free
    Amazed as my eyes behold a love
    A friend, an angel from above
    So innocent, and kind as can be
    She gladly gave her love to me
    I still away so quietly
    I wanted it to be just her and me
    And as I took in every word
    I cried with Joy but no one heard
    I couldn't believe she is loving me
    Me? I never thought it could be
    Someone took their precious time
    To put love for me in a rhyme
    Where did she come from, it must be heaven
    Cuz I felt love divine, it must be heaven
    I never knew her, or where she's been
    She says just call her 'healing_within'
    Then something else she had for me
    A song that said she cried for me
    Cried for me? How can this be?
    Never had someone show this much love for me, you see
    My friend, she gave these word to me
    She put them in a poem for me
    And made me cry the tears of Joy
    It's like a favorite Christmas toy
    I'm grateful to my God for my dear friend
    I pray our friendship has no end

    This was my response to you for giving me your love. Thank you and know that I'm thinking of you in my absence.

  2. O my RiRi. your poem is so so so beautiful..I so love it I want to frame it and keep it right beside me. You are so so special and your poetry is music to my heart .I love it .. we are kindred souls..two of kind .. such a friendship ..a very rare find! I love you RiRi. you are an angel too! .. Remember that..I saw the heavens open and God gave me you .. you are a gift so so so precious . .never forget this.. special friend of mine. We shall e friends forever and ever. .and even after for all eternity.. I never will stop thinking of or loving you!



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