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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Battle in the night

so i am to do battle with   painful thoughts today
they are upsetting my  peace and stealing it away
I don't know what to do for I am so very weak
They condemn for the healing that I pursue and seek

I know what i will  do but its hard to break away
 I must get to my safe place there is no other way
I have all these old thoughts dancing around  my head
Accusing  me of betrayals and filling my heart with dread.

Why all of a sudden should things like this appear
Its not the beginning of therapy; what brings all this here?
Whatever be the cause I will try my very best
To slow down the process so   I can get my rest

To the lake front I'm going within the silence of my heart
And there  I will stay  until the demon thoughts depart.
The waters are so peaceful that  they  sparkle in the night
The moonlight transforms them  into an optical delight.

Already I'm feeling  calm; and try to breathe in peace
Letting out all the negative out as I exhale and release.
Again I breathe in pure air as I ponder by the lake
And release all the negative before another breath I take

What a wonderful thing to emerge from such a fight
That robbed me from my sleep and carried me through the night
I feel i have come out better for  having  gone through such a war
I am feeling a bit stronger and am not tempted any more.

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