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Friday, August 5, 2011

All in good time

There are days when we aren't feeling well
and the sky dresses up with gray
When our body  is so run down that
happy words are  far away
So It is that during such days 
that  we need to  go inside
And leave the painful awful hurts
in the recycle bin outside

So today I am going to my quiet place
to find some extra  rest
As I  ponder about a mother bird
and the little ones in her nest.
How carefully she watches over them
nurturing them as they cry
And Then  as providence would have it
pushes them out to  fly

It would seem so cruel to push them out
but there's a time for everything
And so it is that the universe will remind us
when it is our time to sing
We all have within us the things to  do
and the things that we must say
Little by little as our life evolves
Providence  shows to us our way.

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