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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Against all odds

Little flower struggling to grow in an arid land
No grass growing, only some dried up dusty sand
Yet you grow and miracles happen before our eyes
As you defy the laws of what is needed to survive

Little flower the storms of solitude brush against your soul
While wind and fire  strive to turn you from your goal
Yet you continue to stretch up toward the bright blue sky
And those who see you, marvel to watch you as you try.

Little flower, you're nature's hopeful boast to anyone
Who feels that struggle stops things from getting done
Look at you, pretty flower that you have  come to  be
Growing up  and blooming for all the world to see.

Little flower quiet lessons you give to us today
Teaching us to persevere when we would run away
We have only to dig deep when the storms of life display
We will be victorious despite what others think or say.

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