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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In the forest

Through the forest let me walk so I may hear its sound
And visit with all the creatures who scamper all around
I would stoop to smell the freshness of every plant and tree
And rest within its peacefulness moving inside of me.

inside the forest there's a stream that I also like to see
The peaceful flow of water is always calming to me.
Sometimes i like to sit there and let the gentle flow
Take my mind to places where I had often longed to go.

And so I spend this evening inside the forest of my mind
Listening to its wisdom and seeing what I can find.
Its a place like the others that I can find deep inside
The safe place of my heart where all troubles stay outside..

Dear little me,

Its painful little me to have had so  much to say
yet not be allowed to say it but rather told to go away
I know how awful you felt with  no one to understand
I can still see you reaching out..holding out your little hand.
What a terrible feeling: knowing there was no one to care
that you coud hurt and hurt and no one would see you there.
I am feeling that emptiness with you and taking you to my heart
My dear little me how terribly painful was your start.

Little Bird

Little bird may I spend some time with you today
and see life as it's passing along your way
You are so carefree and you're always singing
The air is sweetened by the songs you're briging.

Little bird you're first to greet the newborn day;
When you are singing, what words do you say?
Are you singing of the cool refreshing night
Or just saying thank you for the morning light?

Little bird, how does it feel flying up  so high?
What are you thinking as you are passing by?
Are you feeling llike you don't have a single care?
What does it feel like sharing secrets with the air?

Little bird, your life is so simple and  carefree
Thank you for taking time to share  it with me
I am always looking forward each and every day
To the songs you're singing along the  way

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Storms are hitting my soul

The storms are hitting my soul and shaking me terribly
Threatening winds assault and try to frighten me
From all their destructive ways I am going to try to hide
I will find my strength again in my safeplace deep inside.

A monster has appeared and showed me all his ugliness
He clothed himself like a friend but is full of deceitfulness
Should I be surprised that I see all the evil that he can do?
His record shows he has a habit of being anythig but true.

Time and time again am being misled by the false friend
Will I ever be able to see will my blindness never end
Why can't I ever see the evil plots that some people hide
Because of the false friend, I have suffered much and cried!

I will stay near the lake till all my tears have finally run dry
And watch them float away in the waves that are passing by
I cannot stop this storm so I will try to let it help me grow
This is all one can do when the rains refuse to go

I don't know who I am ..

i dont know who I am
am i really me?
or am i that broken person
of my history?
I still cannot believe
that the good that I do
Is coming from the one
who so much sorrow knew

I dont know who I am
am i really me?
Or that person that people said
I would come to be?
How is it that this person
is doing so very well
Am I not that same person
they said was going to hell?

I don't know who I am,
am I really me
or that broken child'
how can this really be
They said I'd never make it
I won't be anything
How is that this person
is becoming something?

I don't know who I am
am I really me
yes I am really me
though doubtful as can be
Despite all the odds
and bad things that they said
I am slowly undoing
all the nonsense in my head

I stand amazed.

I stand amazed at the wonders happening all around me
I can't explain how awed I am before all life's mystery
I who struggle so much have come out with quite a victory
Only through the Eternal One can such things come to be!

I am still broken up inside and in need of much healing
All these things that have taken  place are very self revealing.
That I cannot believe that something I do can ever succeed;
Tells me how  broken I am, how much Therapy I truly need.

Being broken is not a bad thing if one sees the need to heal
what  makes one hopeless is having wounds one wont reveal
Because then one will walk around wounded and broken up inside
Handicapped by all the wounds and hurts that so deeply hide.

Let yourself be opened to whatever  healing  you may need
Take time to become whole; let your life take on a slower speed
It is not weakness to admit that you are broken up  inside
Or is it weakness to get healing for all the hurts you hide.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Little Butterfly

Little butterfly you were not always the prettiest flying thing around
Use to be, you were the one all the creatures saw crawling on the ground
Now look at you flying and fluttering around free as you can  ever be
We never know where we'll end up, though we know all our history

Little butterfly how was it when you crawled around here and there
Did you ever imagine that one day you be flying through the air?
Were you ever tempted to compare yourself to the others all  around
Were you happy when you were crawling around on the ground?

Little  butterfly tell me, how did it feel going through that change,
When all you caterpillar cells all  started to rearrange?
Was it painful or did it all really happen when you were asleep
Little butterly share with me some of those secrets that you keep.

The Green Eyed Monster...

I have just learned about a phrase I heard so many times before
But because I didn't know  the meaning  thought of it no more
It's  the phrase green eyed monster that I learned about today
Jealousy is  that ugly monster: sure  hope it stays away

I have known it in my past before, but didn't know its    name
I experienced it from those who were bent on seeking    fame
But the only thing they didnt know was I'm not after any gold
And  could care less about their honors if I can be so bold.

Seems like we're  taught from early age: its a must to  compete
And That the other is our rival : we fight for what we eat.
It would be a  rare thing to hear someone teach  on sharing
Or put emphasis on the other and the value of really caring.

Yet when all is said and done and we finally close our eyes
Where will all our belongings go? For what did we sacrifice?
We cannot take anything with us:  when all is said and done
Wouldn't it be so much  better then, to better everyone??

Tears of Gratitude

Tears fall down in gratitude  that someone truly  understands me
That someone says its ok to cry: tells me, that they really do see
Its something I have never known before it touches me deep inside
For so long I have  just been struggling to hold  in the tears I hide.

 I have been  so afraid at times to let out what I'm really feeling
Afraid that I might be punished somehow or say something too revealing
But am coming to believe that  I have found someone who really does care
And that  i can  tell her anything; in her I can confide and share

It takes some time to build trust again so its a blessing for me to know
That I found  that someone to hear my  secrets and also to help me grow
Therapy is such a wonderful thing when you find the right  T for you
Miracles are always waiting to happen, but you have to want them to.

clouds in my sky

The clouds have decided to gather in the sky today:
Dressed, not in their pretty white; but, in their somber grey.
Seems they aren't so happy and soon will begin to cry;
What a way to start this week: raindrops in the sky.

Just like on  sunny days, I have things that must be done
So I will pretend, inside my heart, there is a shining sun
And though the rain may fall and storms be all around
I know inside  my heart brighter days can be  found

Rain is not really so  bad for it helps the garden grow
And after a nice dose of rain, rainbows so often show
The Plants and trees love the rain to soak into the ground
Falling rain is so soothing, I  just love it's peaceful sound.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Like a child

Like a child I am content with  the simplest of things
To me its not important what fame or fortune brings
I am happiest when I can be with all the universe
Listening to it whisper while I write my rhyme or  verse

Like a child I like to gaze at the blue sky above me
And watch as the clouds create images for me  to see
I like to gaze intently at the  starry sky at night
Hoping to see a shooting star aglow with sparkling light

Like a child I like to ponder things gentle and kind
And tire very quickly when nonsense feels my mind
Am not really interested in all the business news
And talk that gets too wordy gives me a case of  blues.

I'm just like a child and will always stay the same
I'm not interested in being  rich or finding any fame
I'll always find contentment in pure simplicity
So I try to keep things simple, simple as can be!

Against all odds

Little flower struggling to grow in an arid land
No grass growing, only some dried up dusty sand
Yet you grow and miracles happen before our eyes
As you defy the laws of what is needed to survive

Little flower the storms of solitude brush against your soul
While wind and fire  strive to turn you from your goal
Yet you continue to stretch up toward the bright blue sky
And those who see you, marvel to watch you as you try.

Little flower, you're nature's hopeful boast to anyone
Who feels that struggle stops things from getting done
Look at you, pretty flower that you have  come to  be
Growing up  and blooming for all the world to see.

Little flower quiet lessons you give to us today
Teaching us to persevere when we would run away
We have only to dig deep when the storms of life display
We will be victorious despite what others think or say.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

If I had had a daddy

(question from little me)

If I had had a daddy how different would things be
Would mommy  still  had  done  all those bad things to me
Would I have had to keep trying things that were  not for me
If I had had a daddy how different would things be?

If I  had  had a daddy how different would thing be
Would i still be so hated by my entire family ?
Would i still be the worst mistake there could ever be
If i had had a daddy how different would things be? 

The universe within

 With all the gentle creatures, I would like to stay
And learn all their secrets and watch them as they play
I would like to remain  with them for longer  than a day
So I can learn their language and hear all they say

So now that I am here, inside my quiet place
I can  picture all the animals filling up this space
I  can see the little lambs and all  the rabbits too
With their  peaceful natures shining right through.

There are also baby deer and chipmunks all around
They are playing together, true friendship they have found
Birds of every kind sing  sweetly  in the trees
While I am  deeply touched by the quiet evening breeze.

I am now able to go back to embrace the  world outside
For I carry in my mind all these  images from inside.
And if I should get frazzled or upset once again
I can go back to my safe place and find my peace within


Broken Pieces

Broken pieces all around, sprinkled on the floor
I havent strength to pick them up; strength I have no more
Broken by the ones I loved and by the ones I hate
Healing is so badly needed; time is getting late.

Broken pieces in my heart scattered all around
Suffocating all my thoughts, in everything they're  found.
Trying to pick the  pieces up is quite a task for me
Especially when everywhere I look pieces are all I see.

Broken pieces in my mind but not in my safe place
TIme to put them all together and into a better space.
Even if only one by one  I must try with all my heart
To pick up all the broken pieces before I fall apart.

Let the Tears Out Little Me

Dear little me, it’s been awhile since i wrote to you
Please know you are in my mind  and with me in all I do.
I want to hug you tightly and hold you very near
For you are very precious and are also very dear

All those bad bad things that made you hurt inside
and all those hurtful things that bruised you up outside
were never suppose to happen it was not suppose to be
come here, let me hug you and console you my little me..

Let me help you let those tears out you feared to let out before
and with you I will weep until  you don’t want to weep any more
And when you are ready to talk about those ugly   things
I will take you with me to T who knows how to take away stings.

Awaken to beauty

Sweetest songs  purest songs fill the morning air
Creatures are awakening and sing with gentle care
Melodies of the universe ride the morning breeze
Touching all with tenderness moving through the trees.

Golden rays of   sunshine paint the morning sky
While the wind holds out a kiss to all it passes by.
Tiny droplets of morning dew sparkle everywhere
And mother earth is readying for her day with care.

All the creatures are awake and  now are calling you
Come walk with us, if you will, there is so much to do
The  universe is alive with things for you to see.
Do not let yourself pass by  all this mystery.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tears are falling I can hear them

Tears are falling I can hear them deep inside deep inside
Someones crying someones hurting bring your sorrow here to hide
Let me help you, I can hear  you; bring that broken heart to me
I will listen I will help you  I understand what pain can be

Tears are falling I can hear them its ok to let them fall
You are precious you are special though you're feeling a little small
If you hurting and you broken know you've got a friend in me
And though you words go unspoken I know you hurting I can see.

Tears are falling I can hear them deep inside deep inside
I have counted every tear drop every second you have cried
Time to release them time to strengthen everything will be alright
Though the storm clouds round you gather you will come out in the light.

Put all you tears in the jar below
you are special you must know!

Erasing what I see

Sometimes I'm afraid to say what's inside
Because the past still shows outside
sometimes its hard when opening to T
because images of mom I can still   see

So i cower away with fear and dread
And cry over things I should have said
And   while my  T is working with  me
I am striving to erase "the mom I see"

So Little by little  I  try to go
Taking out pieces that I can show.
Slowly revealing  each part of me
Till I erase that mom that I still see.


The peace you seek is here

Birds are chirping and singing away
Happy to greet another new day
Beautiful creatures with beautiful song
They are content the whole day long

Crickets and beetles and crawling things
Each has a melody each one sings
Though to the eye not much to see
They're part of the universal symphony

Plants and flowers and majestic trees
Carry the song of the gentle breeze
Varied in color; yet each will share
The beautiful rythmn of the air.

All the creatures great and small
Join the universe in its call
To  humankind both far and near
The peace you seek is over here..

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Little Flowers

Little flowers everywhere
All their fragrance in the air
Showing color everywhere
Inviting all with gentle care.

Little flowers gently speak
Always kind always meek
Never selfish, quite unique
What they have is what we seek.

Little flowers in my mind
Keep me gentle keep me kind
in your garden let me find
All the secrets you left behind.


Its been awhile since I wrote about T
Or anything concerning my therapy
So I wanted to stop and let you know
That therapy is really helping me grow

Sometimes its challenging as can be
But its only because its helping me
If there's to be growth we need some rain
And change never happens without some pain

There is so much that I can see
changing for the better inside of me
And though I have a long way to go
T has been great I want you to know

Boundaries are set; safe places too
I even have some homework to do
Little by little I can see changes in me
The effects of having good therapy

Thank you  "T"

Awake before dawn

Wakened in the night by a passing memory
It shouted in my mind and had taken hold of me
Visions from the past called me from my sleep
Captured by some thoughts I was forced to keep

Now the morning is broken and I'm barely awake
Yet I greet the universe before the first step I take
Birds are still  singing and the sky is baby  blue
I can't but want to sing with all the creatures too.

So I scurry to my safe place and enter deep inside
And try to find the moments where all the mysteries hide
I see the mighty ocean and feel the peaceful breeze
I even hear the creatures that move about in trees

I know I must be silent and let my senses still..
So the universe can imprint  secrets on my will
Then I'llI   be able to embrace each and everything
As would a little  child who accepts what you bring

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Would we miss such moments?

Songs from the universe can be heard throughout the day
If we listen we will hear what  every creature has to say
All the plants and trees share with us something so serene
Even the elements so quiet display mysteries never seen.

The rolling meadows grace us with all the colors that they yield
While the creatures of the universe bring their innocence to the field.
Trees of every kind stretch out their branches to you and me
While the wind is heard to whisper: Life is but a mystery.

 Would we miss such moments that come to us each day
In the presence of the universe who opens up a way
For us to find the happiness and peace we badly need
We alone can find the answer and it starts out as a seed.

just a moment

for just  a moment or a minute reach out to someone today
who may be having a difficult time and need help along the way
a simple smile, a kind hello, something very discreet
give this to the next hurting heart you should chance to meet

Pondering with the Universe

There is a chatter of birds outside my window sill
And the breeze that is  blowing whispers with a chill
I know I must be getting up as morning soon will break
Its nice to listen to the melody that early risers make

I wonder if the flowers have a song  they like to sing
When the gentle rays of  Sunshine warm over everything
Or if when they are wakened  by the first golden ray
Do they have a fragrance they lift up in a special way.

What about the creatures who are asleep for the night
How do they welcome the first images of the morning  light?
Do they have a place where they go to greet the dawn
I would love to watch them now that the night is finally gone.

 I imagine it would be amazing to spend the entire day
Just visiting with the universe and hearing what it has to say
Sometimes with all the technology and noise we have around
We tend to miss the beauty and creations gentle sound.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Night has its own melody

Slowly the night is emerging to relieve the fading day
The golden sun is setting and soon will go away
The sounds of birds chirping disappear into the night
While nocturnal creatures are yearning  for the lunar light

Night has its own melody a symphony pure and clear
And if you carefully listen you will be able to hear
A hooting owl that harmonizes  with the Nightingale
And   little creatures  scampering around some hidden trail

Now that night is upon us  and carries along its song
The universe has invited us to come and sing along
The songs  beneath the moon are somber and serene
They calm the soul within, with mystic spirits unseen.

The gentle day is waking

I open up my eyes and see the night begin to yawn
The gentle day is waking with the approach of dawn
The universe is stirring as the sun begins to rise
I breathe in all the elements so sleep will leave my eyes.

Chirping  in the  distance the robin has her say
While the morning breeze begins to usher in the day
The creatures of the night make ready for their sleep
As a melody emerges  from the universe so deep.

Its hard not to join in the gentle morning song
When all the universe invites you to come and sing along
Its that unity between us that makes us want to sing
With every creature waking our best song we'll bring.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Quiet moments

Quiet moments call out to me from my safe place inside
Inviting me to take refuge there away from all outside
The day has had its thunderstorms and its pouring rain
It is good to hide away from all that can cause me  pain

I picture now some calming waves they are like therapy
And the lake with sparkling waters is creating calm in me
The golden sun I'm picturing is slowly fading away
While gentle waters soothe away the hurts that came today

I close my eyes and listen to the sound of the gentle breeze
That whispers to my fragile mind as it moves between the trees
I let the sounds of nature touch my heart with its gentle love
And thank the universe for helping me to lift my thoughts above.

Friend From My Blog

 Dedicated to one of my readers here ....

Friend from my blog my heart is breaking open for you
I hear your cries and wish  I could help you make it through
But I can't because I don't even know where you are
O my sweet sweet friend are you near or are you far?

Friend from my blog my tears are falling down for you
I would give up my life's blood if you needed me to
I feel your pain its so very deep inside my heart
O my sweet sweet friend i thought you'd never part.

Friend from my blog may angels be with you everyday
And know that my heart is with you in a special way
I'll  hold your secrets inside the recesses of my heart
Never shall I speak of them or let them ever depart..

Friend from my blog I will wait for you to come back again
Because we are so connected,  I will follow you from within.
Where ever you go know that I will be thinking of you
Hoping you are safe and that God blesses all you do.

Heart is breaking

Now my  heart  is breaking  in two
Broken in half by words from you
Can't you see what you do to me
Or is it planned: yes you see?

Don't you have a heart somewhere
Or aren't you  able to feel or care
Must you continue to punish me
And create wounds others can't see?

Good morning

Good morning little birds singing in my tree
Your song is so beautiful and delighting .me
I like to hear your melody so early in the day
It warms my heart completely in a specal way

Good morning little flowers waving through the air
Your colors are so many I am glad that you are there
Its nice to smell your fragrance when I first awake
It envelopes my whole being and every step I take

Good morning mister sunshine glowing in my sky
I'm glad that you are up there and didn't pass me by
Your gentle rays so warming touches all  outside
Thank you for every moment even when you hide.

Good morning every creature and all you plants around
Its so good to hear you unite in sweet  symphonic sound.
It gives rythmn to my morning and guides me through the day
Thank you my dearest universe you give beauty to my way.



Sunday, August 21, 2011

Little one why do you cry

LIttle one why do you cry so  much today
I am trying so hard to wipe your tears away
But you keep on crying from deep within
Please little one please let me in.

It's so much to carry I know it dear one
but soon that burden will be undone
We just have to learn to trust our T
Only then will she be able to help us see

The scars that scare are old indeed
But you can cry as much as you need
There is no one to scold you any more
Even if the tears would fall on the floor.

Gentle Meadows

Gentle meadows in my mind
Invite me with a voice so kind
Come and rest  with us dear  one
And you''ll still get your work all done

Come smell the fragrance in the air
And Touch the flowers everywhere
See the deer come passing by
And dance with the beautiful butterfly

Listen to the whispering trees
And hum a tune if you please
Rest upon the clovered ground
Appreciate the beauty all around.

Tears on my cheek

Tears on my face and in my broken heart
Remembering things that tore me all apart
I know they're gone and can no longer hurt me
Today  there's lingering a dark and  painful memory

Tears on my cheek and its storming all around
Lightning flashing, thunder is letting out a  sound
The universe is uniting to my feelings deep inside
Inside I am weeping and the world is crying outside

Your Chains Are Broken

you had beaten me and left me broken  up inside
you took my confidence and any sense of pride
you left me hurting you  never showed you care
you said you hated me; I was a mistake you had to bare

now I'm broken ;you are wanting me not to heal
Truth needs to be spoken; you tell me not to reveal
you seek to control me but i am needing to let  go
I am in therapy; you tell me don't let anyone know.

your chains are broken and I  am being set free
you threaten retaliatoin but I am trusting in my T
you try to persuade me but I wont be hurt again
yesterday's over; a new life waiting to begin

Are you not feeling well today?

Are you not feeling well today; are you feeling bad inside?
Do you need some time for healing and a place to hide?
If that nasty bug of sadness has bitten deep your heart;
Take refuge in your quiet place; that bug will soon depart.

In the quiet place inside, you can find a gentle peace,
And  the strength to let go of all that you need to release.
Holding to those hurtful things can only hurt your mind;
Go now to that quiet place; new hope is there to find..

I know you are not feeling well for   angels told me so;
I wish I could take that hurt away and make it all go.
But sometimes I'm not able to; I can only offer care
And let you know someone knows the pain that you must bare

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Little Child ( letters to the inner child )

Little child I know how much that pain was  hurting you
You were wishing they'd  stop  doing the things that they do
But No one ever  listened to you; they ignored  your every cry
You suffered greatly and you even felt that you would die.

Little child I know you are feeling  that you don't matter at all
And you  are Holding secrets way to heavy for a child so small
Don't you know there is still Someone who knows everything
Someday all your pain will become like flowers in the spring.

Little child please  remember  you are the innocent one
You can't be blamed for all those bad things that were done
You were  too young to stop   the abuser's hateful ways
We  must try to let go of guilt from  those painful days

Little child we will  work together in this task of inner  healing
And though you are frightened  grace will come after the revealing
All the scars and pains that are holding us  to those   years
Will disappear with the help of T and after many tears.


I am sitting  here in this storm with clouds all around me
The rains are pouring down and I am drenched as can be
though the winds are blowing strongly and things fall around me
I am anchored in a place that I learned about from my T.

I am learning  to be still while winds are howling everywhere
I am picturing a gentle meadow and : allowing myself to be there
The storms outside are continuing they will not  disappear
But I calm myself inside; protecting myself from what I fear.

To think that storms won't happen is not facing reality
Better to have a refuge for when they appear forcefully
One can not be certain of how violent they will be
So it's good to have a safe place that one can visit frequently.

Friday, August 19, 2011

How do you heal the broken child?

'Questions for those who work with abused children
                and survivor of child abuse.

How do you explain the hurt inside  a child so small
Who every time she spoke was hit until she'd fall
How do you speak of love when all she knew was hate
And the constant beatings   which she saw as fate

How do you start to heal that which you can't see
If the little one keeps  hiding for fear of what might be
How do you instill hope where there's  constant fear
And teach her   to  trust when she won't  let you near

How do you understand if you've never  known her pain
Or known how it is be treated like someone who's insane
How do you start the process and  heal this child inside
If you cannot see the scars; they're not seen  outside?

Let the rains fall

Gentle rains are flowing and  the sky is a touch of gray
Seems  storms are in the forecast for the rest of the day
 The sound of showers falling is soothing when so slow
So too when we are crying it is really good for the soul.

Though the rains pour down the birds are singing away
Their melody is so pure and brightens the cloudy day
The flowers seem to smile and stretch their petals above
They whisper "rains are needed" as they glow with love.

Everything begins to sparkle when it's touched by  rain
So too when our tears fall, they give color to our pain
Without the falling rain our gardens would never grow
And without the tears in life; happiness would never show.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Healing the Memories

Memories have been following me all around today
Speaking to my mind and making room to stay
I want to move them out but they simply will not go
So I will have to adjust as they plan  their evening show.

They are speaking to me of things hurtful to my mind
I am trying to get away but they have me in a bind
Sometimes they overpower this poor heart of mine
Memories are like weeds and hold tighter than a  vine.

Perhaps a gentle image before my weary eyes
Will  turn my focus away from their taunting cries
So I gaze intently on the lake so peaceful and  still
Not trying to form any words just quieting my will.

Soon I hear the sound of the waters gentle flow
And  peace becomes part of me letting my spirit go
I simply sit  in  silence and let the waters heal
All that the memories brought me; all I that i had to feel.

flowers from the storm

To my quiet place am going though it's only  midday
So much is  going on and  I wish it'd go away
I know things have to happen but it has been  so long
I just want to live simply and forget about the wrong.

In my mind I am picturing a little flower bed
With little forget me nots and roses ever red
A row of pink carnations and some tulips too
Create a happy scene that helps me make it through

Beautiful butterflies are dancing all around
While busy bees are sampling  flowers that they found
Gentle gusts  of wind brush  against my face
And remind me in whispers that everything's in place

So I must surrender and let everything come to be
And take refuge in the quiet when it's too much for me.
Like  flowers that keep growing  despite the pounding rain
I will be able to  learn to rise above the pain.

Where does all this lead?

How will you spend your day today will each moment speak to you
Or will you pass it in a rush of work not stopping till   day is through?
Will everything just pass you by  without you ever taking it in
How will you spend your day today,  are you ready for it to begin?

When you are readying to go to work will you stop to notice the air
Or will you hurry right pass your world not noticing what is there.
Will you speed pass all  you see with work directing your mind
What will be the force that drives you and what the results your find?

We are a world that's in a rush and rarely  take time to see
The beauty that surrounds our lives we are blind as we can be
We are taught to acquire and compete but what does all that mean;
If we cannot see past the dollar bill when someone mentions green?

It's important that to stop right now and ask ourselves these things
If all this really makes us  happy where is the peace it brings
Why do we keep on seeking more, why aren't we satisfied
Happiness is knocking outside our door but never gets inside.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Angels in the storm

The rains have been falling and clouds are everywhere
My soul is in a downpour and memories come to scare
So I am trying to make use of all these  falling tears
But they are so many and have been waiting all these years

To my quiet place inside I am making haste to go
But am I so overcome by the storms scary show
With all that is in me  I attempt to slow the pace
Hoping that the universe will brighten up this space

So I close my weary eyes and silence all my mind
To see what images of peace my soul  is able to find
But it's the quiet little angels that come to  my mind today
And tell me that my homework can stir  memories this way

They continue to console me and tell me its okay
To let the raindrops fall and thunder roll my way
That storms are also good though they  sometimes scare
And  angels are ever ready to help me with their care.

Love's Bouquet

The day is beginning and  birds softly sing
A gentle ray of sunshine reaches out to everything
The night went by smoothly no monsters in the night
The universe is aglow with the morning's pure light.

In the quiet of my safe place I ready for the day
And picture sweet flowers in a beautiful array
How colorfully they fill up the land that I see
Reminding me how beautiful each person can be.

There isn't much thinking that one has to do
If one carries lots of love the whole day through
Like the flowers that brighten everything around
Love can bring smiles where sadness is found.

So from my quiet place I will take where ever I go
The flowers of love so that others may know
The beauty and peace of loves simple way
And perhaps give to others flowers  from their own bouquet.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Everyone should be free

Tears running down my eyes at things I learned today
Why can't everyone be free to live and love in their own way
It seems so   unreal that we continue to discriminate
That there are still people victimized by  injustice and by hate

All this time we spend on building walls that should not be
Could be used for building bridges that lead to unity
We should all strive together to bring hatred  to an end
 And stop creating enemies out of those we should call friend.

Every one should be equal and everyone should be free
This is what is certain but   has not yet come to be
Wouldnt it be a blessing if tomorrow when we awake
Creating freedom for all would be the resolution we take

Have you noticed?

Have you seen the sun above; is it shining bright?
Have you noticed the birds at all have you watched their flight?
Have you touched the gentle breeze as it moves the air?
Have you listened to the universe as it sings with care?

Have you stopped to smell the flowers you pass by every day ?
Have you stopped to listen to the bees buzzing along the way?
Have you noticed the sky above, can you tell me is it blue?
Or haven't you even noticed the it raining on you?

Have you heard the morning dove as she coos away?
Have you listened to the river speak it has so much to say
Have you let your days go by and never looked around
Have you let creation speak  and never heard a sound?

Have you ever thought to look for the beauty of each day?
Have you had the chance to hear what mother earth will say
Have you taken time at all to unplug from all the noise
Have you the courage to stop and hear the universe's voice?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Gentle River Flowing

Gentle river flowing    beneath the glowing starlit sky
I come to listen to you speak and watch your waves go by
I love the sound your waters make as they pass along the way
My spirit finds refreshment here it makes me want to stay

Gentle river flowing beneath the sky of majestic blue
Your melody moves my heart to sing I want to stay with you
In your waters your spirit moves to calms my soul within
How wonderful it is to ponder here I shall come back again.

Gentle river flowing beneath the layers of my heart
Thank you for being my refuge when my soul is falling apart
Your ways to me are mysterious but I always like to see
Your flowing waters deep within and also outside of me


Morning Glory

The Morning  is breaking; sweet melodies soar above
From the  robins who are singing   with hearts full of love
The clouds move aside at the start of the day
The bright glowing Sun illumines the way.

A gentle breeze is blowing and moves everywhere
Touching the universe and giving all air
Flowers are waving and catch every eye
Numerous birds dance through the sky.

Time to get moving and begin the new day
With the song of the universe I send night away
I ready my heart for what the day will bring
By listening to the words creation does sing.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A typical beating

I am trapped in this isolation that she keeps  me in
I am feeling so unwanted and fear  she'll come again
the door is opening now and I want to run and hide
 But  she is there with her heavy board swinging by her side.

She grabs me by the hair and throws me to the ground
says she hates me forever and wishes I werent around
I feel the blood running as i hit  against the floor
She beats me without mercy I feel  I'll breathe no more

She will always stop in time because she likes her fun
I can barely stand up straight once the beating is done
I want so much to ask her why she hates me so
But feel that if I did she would never let me know


Don't tell me you want to help me
then tell me not to heal
Dont tell me that I am welcome
then tell me not to feel
Don't break my heart in pieces
then tell me that you care
Don't say we'll work together
then leave me in dispair.
Don't tell me about tomorrow
and neglect my needs today
Don't say I am valued
then tell me to go away
Don't tell me about religion
then tell me to go to hell
Don't tell me I am hopeless
Then tell me I am well.
Don't run around in circles
Then ask if I'm still here
Don't speak a different language
Then ask if all is clear.
Don't tell me I am worthless
then ask why I don't call
Don't tell me I am hated
Then ask why I feel small

I am always going to be me

I cannot be anyone else than who I am meant to be
I am always going to be the same;  always going to be me
I may change the way I talk or change the way I see
But deep down inside my soul  I am always going to be me

You may have  your ideas and push them convincingly
You may even have as your support all of history
But you'll  never be able to change   individuality
So let's accept the fact that: I am always going to be me.

Next time you see those signs that say how one should be
Or next time you see all the  protests   against equality
Remember that every person was born to be truly free
And hold up your sign saying  "I am always going to be me"

Dearest Little Me

To my Dearest little  me,
little one inside my heart
I am sorry for all those things
that have broken  you all apart
You were just a helpless child
who never had any voice
What happened to you dear one
was never your fault or choice.

So I am starting to write this letter
with words sincere and true
And with all the love inside me,
I am writing this letter to you
I hope  through it you find solace
and some lasting peace
Together we will work together
to achiever your sweet release.

©Letters to my Inner Child

Who Will?

Do you see the broken and walk right by them or do you stop 
and try to help them through their brokenness. ? 
Some day you may be asking the very questions 
that are in this poem.

who will dry my tears that are falling down today
who will bring me comfort by the words they say
who will understand all the  pain I feel inside.
who will be the one to  release  the hurts I hide?

Who can stop the rain that is falling everywhere
Who will come around and say they really care
Who will be the one to go that extra mile
Who will have the words to give my heart a smile?

Who will not judge me  when they see me fall
Who will encourage me when I have no one at all
Who is not  afraid to stand up for what's  right
Who will give me courage to continue with the fight?

It takes a few seconds to find words of comfort 

Memories raining on my soul

In the early hours of morning I am rising from my sleep
As memories from the past have made my heart weep
 So to my quiet place I  quickly  run to hide
Until the frightful monsters are no longer here inside

I picture in my mind a beautiful peaceful place
Where all of earth's creatures roam with gentle grace
All kinds   of trees and plants are sprinkled everywhere
And Every kind of flower gives    fragrance to the air.

Here in all this beauty I will allow my soul to rest
For the  universe always  knows what heals my soul the best
In the silence of all these moments I can feel the healing begin
Soon  all these demons will no longer harm me from  within.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

I am beginning a new journey

I am beginning a new journey which i know its time to  take
The tears are falling all over yet it is a trip I must make
Looking back into that past that had left me wondering why
I go back to rescue the little girl who was never permitted to cry

Once I arrive there beside her I will take her little hand
And together we'll journey to the present  and try to understand
The abuse  that broke her being and shook her faith within
That scarred her   little body and keeps her from trusting again.

I don't know how long this trip will be or how many tears will fall
I  just know  the time has come now for the little girl in me does call
I am not courageous or strong in beginning  this trip today
But hope that by the end of the journey we'll see life in a different way

Healing waters

There is a need to go early into my quiet place
So I go again inside  to my   most favorite space
There by the waters that softly come ashore
My sorrows pour out; for  my heart was wounded sore

My tears mingle softly with the waters that gently flow
Their sound soothes away the hearth ache that I know
There is a gentle peace that comes from this quiet lake
So I sit here in the silence and of healing waters partake

Please take me to this place

 A place where I can go where there isn't any noise
Where every creature matters, where everyone has voice
A place of silent beauty and everlasting peace
Please take me to this place, this I beg you please.

A place where I can go and everyone's a friend
Where truth is ever spoken and relationships don't end
A place of open doors without a need for keys
Please take me to this place, this I beg you please

A place where I can go and everyone will care
Where everyone's respected and treated kind and fair
A place where all are family and love is all one sees
Please take me to this place, this  I beg you please.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Silence will have to speak

Tonight I am tired and so  silence will speak for me
There are no images forming that I am able to see
It's like all my energy is zapped from my soul inside
So I sit peacefully ; leaving  the world outside.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a much better day
And the universe will have so much more to say
Right now I must be content with being very still
And allow the universe to speak inside my will.

It hard knowing that my mom will be celebrating today
But I have not been invited to be part of it in any way
Its like I am not a member of my own family
It tears my heart apart  am broken as can be.

The blessing of rain

A gentle rain falls at the start of this day
Soaking the earth in just the right way
Robins are happy for breakfast is near
And flowers rejoice, the shower's so dear

The universe welcomes this special grace
That the  heavens let flow all over the place.
Little tiny raindrops, small as can be
Carry the hope which will become a sea.

Softly the rain now falls down on me
Drenching my soul with its mystery
Teaching my heart its silent way
Rain is a blessing chosen for the day

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let us sing as one family

Come all you creatures let us sing our evening song
For day is finally ending and night wont be too  long
Let us sing of all the beauty and sing of the day
Let us sing as one family  walking the same way

Little squirrels in your trees and you birds of the air
Antelopes and lions and also   baby bear
You wild beasts that roam and animals that are tame
Let us unite as one family for our song is the same.

Our Voices blending together to sing  a song of peace
May this  unity we share cause  fighting to decrease
Violence is not the answer; its not how it should be
Happiness will come to those who promote harmony

The most beautiful happens

Today I am running late since the night was very long
So I am searching in my heart for some morning song
What words can I write that can  open up the day
To my safe place I  go to search for words to say.

The morning dove has sung and the sparrow has took flight
I am left here alone to ponder the morning light
The day is nice and cool and the sky completely clear
I open up my heart so that the universe I   hear.

The trees are gently swaying to the rhythm of the breeze
While the flowers are being tended by some busy bees.
Birds are conggregrating atop the  telephone line
While the bright star of morning warms this heart of mine

A cuddly little rabbit is nibbling on the lawn
As she  finishes up the meal she started at dawn
A group of worker ants are parading on my walk
Carrying some  prize trophy of which they'll later talk.

So much is going on in our world every day
But the most beautiful happens in a quiet way
The secrets  of the universe don't flash across a screen
But if you ponder in silence  mysteries can be seen

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When I wander through the fields

When I wander through the fields I'm like a child so small
 Captivated by all the beauty and filled with reverent awe
I love to see the flowers bloom and touch the grass so green
I'm lost in wonder before it all addicted to the  scene.

When I lay down in the fields i gaze up in  the sky
And watch as the clouds perform while they're passing by
I ponder over the mystery each cloud contains inside
Wondering whether they have a storm or what it is they hide.

When i leave the fields behind and go back home again
I feel a bit of loneliness but memories linger within..
There is something lasting that I always take away
From my moments in the fields of which I cannot say.

When memories come

memories are working on me like they had nothing else to do
they carry with them hurtful things that always pierce me through
It never fails, that when I'm  trying to be as positive as can be
That the evil one comes lurking with all his negativity.

So I push through all the hard things and try to focus my mind
 On something positive and gentle like the images that I find
I like to picture  animals especially the gentle ones
 To offset all the memories that appear like old reruns

Tears are never far when the memories come my way
Use to be  I  feared them but now I let them stay
Seems they form a river upon which I can gently throw
All those painful memories letting them quietly go


Little Sparrow

Little sparrow,  may I join with you today
As you sing to greet the brand new day
Your song, so beautiful, touches everything
With the love and purity with which you sing

Little sparrow, may I stay with you today
And see the world as it passes by your way
What joy it is  to be   simple and  free
Today I wish to share your  simplicity

Little sparrow how beautifully you fly
With grace and skill you navigate the sky
How truly awesome to see things from so high
One can see how  many blessings pass us by.

Little sparrow may I join you when you   sing
Your song for the evening which blesses everything
Thank you little sparrow for being  such a friend
May our friendship last forever, may it never end.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Will there ever come a day?

To the quiet place deep within
I am going once again
Lurking memories from the past
Cause  a downpour sure to last

Pulling here and pulling there
Memories tug my heart and tear
But I'm going deep inside
From the trauma I will hide

Gentle creatures everywhere
Call to me with earnest care
Birds are chirping in the air
Telling me I should beware

So I hide inside my space
Looking for some special grace
Keeping evil  far from me
So I   enter the mystery

There I see so pure and clear
Animals playing without fear
Flowers growing of every kind
Infinite beauty inside my mind

Lakes and oceans, countless trees
Mountains, valleys, buzzing bees
All the universe inside of me
Creating a peaceful symphony

Why oh why can't this always be
Why must peace be a fantasy?
Why is that we  always fight:
Prefer the darkness to the light?

Its always peaceful deep inside
but   reality hits once  outside
Will there ever come  a day
When wars and hatred will go away?

Glowing Star of the Morning

Glowing star of  morning how warming to my face
is the first kiss you give  announcing the day of grace
How beautiful to see you each time that I awake
Your presence is ever shining on every step I take.

Glowing star of the noon time how beautiful you are
You give yourself completely to warm us from afar
You gentle rays of sunshine touch  everything below
Enabling all the universe to prosper and to grow

Glowing star of the evening you have to go away
As the night time emerges  to put an end to day
THe darkness is overpowering but sister moon above
Will be there to remind us of yor ever present love.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome to my world

As I enter  my quiet space to see what I can find
 Gentle  creatures romp about the fields inside my mind
Lambs and lions play togther like they were best of friends
While a river passes by them all  with its turns and bends

Foxes speak into rabbit holes inviting them out to play
While  grizzly bears and squirrels gather flowers for a bouquet
Buzzing bees and butterflies work quickly in the sky
Creating  a canopy with the clouds as they come passing by

There's a party going on   and its quite a sight to see
All the creatures of the universe behaving so peacefully
Wouldn't it be so wonderful if that was how it would be
All of us working together in love and creating unity

Gentle Wind Come Whisper to me

Gentle wind come whisper to me
Of  the places you will see
Roaming round the world discreetly
Touching  all so secretly

Gentle wind come whisper to me
Of the way you came to be
 How it is within your mystery
To move on paths we cannot see.

Gentle wind come whisper to me
 Of the things we cannot see
How it is from all eternity
That you travel so  endlessly

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tiny River Flowing Through Me

I am pondering  silently
Thinking of all that came to be
Thank you for being here for me
Tiny river flowing through me

In your waters I can see
A reflection of eternity
Calm and soothing as can be
Tiny river flowing through me

While beside you I can be
Lost inside  your mystery
In your waters I am free
Tiny river flowing through me

The night is falling gracefully
The moon lit sky I can see
Time has come to let you be
Tiny river flowing through me.

Morning thoughts

the night was long I greet the day
don't have much that I can say
the battle was fought and it was won
today I'll get some sleeping done

 But before I do I'll go    again
To that hiding place deep wthin
And sit in silence before the stream
That carries away the hurtful dream

Flowers are waving to and fro
As the stream begins to flow
What a beautiful scene to see
Peaceful  images just for me.

I rest against a sturdy tree
And watch a busy bumble bee
My mind is healing from the night
The universe is a pleasing sight.

I take these images as I go
And the peace within I know
I'll pass the day in simplicity
Thankful for all that I did see.

Battle in the night

so i am to do battle with   painful thoughts today
they are upsetting my  peace and stealing it away
I don't know what to do for I am so very weak
They condemn for the healing that I pursue and seek

I know what i will  do but its hard to break away
 I must get to my safe place there is no other way
I have all these old thoughts dancing around  my head
Accusing  me of betrayals and filling my heart with dread.

Why all of a sudden should things like this appear
Its not the beginning of therapy; what brings all this here?
Whatever be the cause I will try my very best
To slow down the process so   I can get my rest

To the lake front I'm going within the silence of my heart
And there  I will stay  until the demon thoughts depart.
The waters are so peaceful that  they  sparkle in the night
The moonlight transforms them  into an optical delight.

Already I'm feeling  calm; and try to breathe in peace
Letting out all the negative out as I exhale and release.
Again I breathe in pure air as I ponder by the lake
And release all the negative before another breath I take

What a wonderful thing to emerge from such a fight
That robbed me from my sleep and carried me through the night
I feel i have come out better for  having  gone through such a war
I am feeling a bit stronger and am not tempted any more.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

In my quiet space

Evening is calling out to me and asking me to come in
Come in from all the noise outside to the silence that's within
I enter into the quiet space that my soul holds deep   inside
And begin to ponder and picture a place where I can safely hide.

The demons that tried  to tempt me were very busy today
They tried with all their might to steal my peace away
But I remembered the words from "T":  I should get away
And not allow things to harm me; give hurt no room to stay

So I am  in my quiet space and pondering fields of gold
Autumn has kissed them gently; their beauty goes untold
A somber wind is whispering;  and secrets are everywhere
Come listen to the  mysteries that the universe will share.