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Friday, July 22, 2011

why don't you love me mommy

 why don't you love me mommy
why must i cry and cry
why wont you hug me mommy
why never a  lullaby
why do you hate me mommy
why hit me o so bad
why do you blame me mommy
what happened to my dad

why do you curse me mommy
why the words of hate
why despise me mommy
and make me stay up late
why do you say that  mommy
am your worst mistake
I 'm  not good enough mommy?
see the grades i make?

Why am I here mommy
you never wanted me
Why label me mommy
cause of all misery
Why dont you want me mommy
you beat me black and blue
Why wont your hold me mommy
don't I belong to you?

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