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Thursday, July 7, 2011

while in the desert

While in the desert of my heart I saw again those years
That made me to be the person I am; my eyes well up with tears
I have no choice but to see it all for I am sitting deep within
The sounds so hurtful  from  long ago are now echoing again.

I can hear the insults of my mom and feel the painful blows
Hear the cries of a little one holding secrets nobody  knows
Then I see the others leave but the little one doesn't go
She continues to receive  all the pain; for what, she doesn't know

Who can explain the reasons why some have to suffer so
Is there really an answer for this, I would really like to know
Please don't tell me about free will and that our God of love
Couldn't reach down from the Heavens and stop it from above.

God parted the sea and fed the thousands so surely little ole me
Could not have been a difficult task .. God  just let me be
I'm not one to dabble with God but I know I'll ask some day
Why was it You let me suffer so much and never took me away.


  1. Questions to God are always difficult ones to find answers to. I believe that those are the answers that we each have to find for ourselves by looking inward.

  2. Thats why poets ask in poetry.. they are safe there and are real questions.. Thanks for your response..I appreciate your insight.


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