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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Way I Go

Take my hand and walk with me to my quiet place
Join with me if you can; set aside some space
I want to take you if you'll go to a place inside
Where love and beauty joy and peace ever do abide.

When you come be sure to bring a very open mind
Through the door of simplicity, treasures  you will find
Remember to close the door outside and picture deep within
Whatever place you want to go to, then let the journey begin

Picture within your mind a place with flowers birds and all
Consider how they live in peace and hear them as they call
Listen deeply to your heart for there the universe will speak
 In a language all it's own; with answers that you seek.

This is the way that I go and hope you'll try it too
For in the silence of the heart you'll find whatever is  true
It only takes a few moments a day to enter deep within
When you finish you'll be glad and want to do it again!

thank u "t"

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