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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Still the tears are falling down . my mind is sorely tried
I need to find my safety place. .i need to run and hide
Fears are monsters roaring loud, I'm shaking deep within
I must try to meditate; not let the terrors begin.

I'm trying to take in deeper breaths.. to find some inner peace
Exhaling all my many fears; please make these worries cease
I am  feeling   so powerless .. breathe in  my soul again
Exhale all those scary thoughts, a victory is yours to win

Why am I so weak tonight what happened to me today?
I must find some happy thoughts; let these others go away
I am trying with all my being to leave the painful place
Come help me angels if you will, I need a better space.

Finally a light is coming in and I can picture the  blue sky
Where birds are flying everywhere; I watch them all pass by
There is a beautiful sun above and gentle clouds so white
Darkness can't stop the sun from shining or keep away its light

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