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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two Spirits

can you hear the spirit  echoing, the spirit that unites  us all?
It  creates within you a melody  and moves both great and small
Can you hear it, this spirit within you, it comes from the Eternal above
It is the voice of the one spirit; it is the voice of love

can you hear it, this spirit outside you; it shouts so loud and clear
it distracts you from what is important, with promises insincere
This spirit is not of good origins; it  moves so quickly around
It stirs up troubles and worries;  and  in it, peace is not   found.

you must trust the spirit within you; and not the spirit outside
one will lead you to happiness; and the other will lead you to pride
the spirit within you is truthful; while the spirit outside will lie
you must keep the spirit within you; while the other you must deny

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