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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Secrets outside

good morning all you creatures am back to say hello
I've nourished my fragile body with fruit and some jello
I've come to enjoy your presence and continue with our song
hope you don't mind my company, I know we'll get along

I'll sit  here right beside you and admire all you say
I feel that we are  connected in a very special way
The universe unites us and we are really one
Isn't it  something what mother nature's  done?

others might think me foolish if i talk to flowers and trees
but i don't mind a bit, I even talk to bumble bees
There is a certain language that creation comes to   share
but some have never learned it and some don't really care

if you want true wisdom you must put your books aside
and listen to what the universe is saying to you outside
go there now if you can and listen to everything
you will begin to learn things that'll make you want to sing

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