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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Rusty Nail

one thing our abuser didn't like was getting a doctor bill
so we had all we could do to hide when we were ill
Came a day I was outside walking with only barefeet
Wasn't worried about anything or who I might meet

Then something jabbed me sharply and i quickly cried
There on the bottom of my foot was  a hole  gaping wide
I was terrified by the sight but more afraid of what would be
If I went home and told my abuser a rusty nail punctured me

So I practiced all my walking as though it didn't hurt
I fell  so many times; my clothes were stained with dirt.
Arriving from that outing I was obviously a  mess
I Got scolded and then  beaten "for my clumsiness"

Yet I didn't let out anything of  the hole  that was there.
I walked with great difficulty pain shot out everywhere.
For one week I was wobbling and barely able to walk
Until it was obvious I was hurting  I found it hard to talk

When finally my abuser asked me "show me your feet"
I was instantly punished  and my body she did beat.
To the doctor we went and he was shaking his head
Saying one more day and this child could have been dead

Infection had taken over and my foot was awful sore
The doctor kept shaking his head,looking at the door.
My abuser said I spoke nothing of the wound until now
I  was lucky  my abuser said .. she noticed it  some how.

What about the bruises on her legs and her eyes
My abuser look at him as though she was surprised.
I don't know how they got there  I really don't  know
My abuser said innocently and  we got ready to go.

 I think that the angels work hard looking after me
So  many many times I could have been a tragedy
I know in my heart that there is a reason I am  here
I have been protected by so many angels year after year.

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