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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Running Late

Morning has broken and I am little behind
First time that  I am waking so close to nine
The birds have stopped singing;the cats are upset
Thinking I forgot them:  as though I could forget.,,

So I scurry around to get them all fed
Trying to shake the sleep from my head
I need to refocus and picture within
Some peaceful images and so I begin

I picture  a lake that is gentle and clear
I hold to this image and slowly draw near
Trees are not moving they're calm as can be
Flowers are plentiful and  waving at me.

Squirrels are scampering without any care
Creation's beauty is found everywhere
There is so much mystery calling out to me
Simply by pondering I can set it all free

Even though the day's hectic when I begin
Focusing on beauty will calm me within
I simply need  to ponder the beauty outside
And  let all its lessons echo deeply inside


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