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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Raining in my soul

It's  been raining in my soul today
Losing my kitty has darkened the way
I can't understand the way things go
Accepting what is  is all I can know

I'm running for shelter inside my heart
Tears are ready and begin to start
How can I not feel the loss inside
Its something so real and hard to hide.

Yet I know there's reason for everything
Even the darkness has something to bring
So I listen in silence and try to be still
Asking for wisdom to enlighten my will.

"Don't Be Afraid" are the words that I hear
Echoing within me loud and clear
Though storms may shatter your heart within
Peace will follow and new life begin

All things have a beginning and end
Sometimes its hard to lose a friend
Letting go is always  the hardest to do
But it will be replaced by something new.

( will miss you my kitty  , my friend)


  1. Wonderfully written poem Joy, hugs you!

  2. thank you shanyn. am dealing with life best I can . thanks to my T I know where to go when storms are around me <3 much love <3


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