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Friday, July 15, 2011

Quieting down

night time is falling; I'm needing my quiet place
the day has been full and tugged at my  heart space
trying to be positive while knowing some pain
is always a task with so much to gain

So to my interior i  secretly go
And quiet my senses so visions can flow
Inside of my heart whenever I'm still
The spirit paints images over my will

Sometimes I can see them as clear as the day
Other times I must wait until time slips away
But always the lessons are  waiting for me
From the depths of my spirit I am able to see

Tonight I'm pondering at my lake once again
Just listening to the silence that's deep within
The beauty of the water so tranquil and still
Speaks of a peace that runs through my will


  1. Beautiful... Amazing!

    It is from within where we find the lessons we need to learn.

    Your poetry is amazing, I have added your blog to my blogroll.

    If you want to do the same for me, you can add it as follows; Name: 'Journal of a Male Childhood Abuse Survivor", link:

    And expect a special mention in my Sunday Bloglove special! :)

    - Prozacblogger

  2. Hi Prozacblogger

    I will surely add your blog to my list of links; I have read several of your posts..You do have a beautiful way of expressing yourself as well. Thank you for your kindly words.



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