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Friday, July 15, 2011

Quiet everything

Morning is here, what a wonderful day
Friday is appearing in a beautiful way
Birds are all chirping together in song
A gentle breeze readies to blow things along

Thoughts are now forming deep in my mind
Inviting me to ponder, to seek and to find
The universe whispers of wisdom most dear
Silence cries out with a voice ever clear.

Shut off for a moment the things you plug in
Let the song of universe slowly begin
Deep in your being a symphony plays
It can carry your through all of your days.

Listen intently to everything around
All creation cries out with a beautiful sound
Keep your eyes open and you will always see:
The earth creates visions and shares mystery


  1. Yes, yes keep your eyes wide open or you will miss all the beauty. What a beautiful poem to start my day. Thank you xo ♥

  2. Thank you Reenie..Surely, you, who so love nature and the universe know this to be true .. Thank you for your friendship and inspiration..Love you always


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