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Sunday, July 3, 2011

One song

Sunday morning is here, I wipe sleep from my eyes
And ready myself for the beauty that brightens the skies
I see the sun coming forth, it shines forth its rays.
I am anxious to see what the universe displays

One by the one every creature is beginning to stir
As the music of creation begins simple and sure
The elements, the plants, and all living things
Join in the symphony that each morning brings

I ponder this beauty as I push things aside
And invite all the universe to enter inside
I want always to be able to keep this in me
I close my eyes to reflect on this mystery

We are all part of creation and all of us belong
To the chorus of the universe: life's constant song
We need to work together and strive peacefully
To be one with each other, its our purpose, you see.

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