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Friday, July 1, 2011

My wish for America

My wish for America is that we will all come to see
That freedom  will be our anthem when all are truly free
We are a mighty country, quick to help the other nations;
Yet we  keep on passing by the gay rights solicitations

We say we stand for freedom yet still we cannot see
Our citizens  crying out to us "I deserve to be free"
We have so much power and money in our   hand
Yet allow  so much poverty: this I can't understand

So many years ago  when America came to be
Our ancestors crossed  the oceans to enjoy liberty
They, the immigrants then,  helped America grow
Why can't we let others in, this I want to know?

My wish for America is that we will come to see.
America is only America when all are truly free
We celebrate each year our freedom that we won
Lets resolve this year to give  freedom to everyone

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