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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Morning Fog

I had to get out early to put the trash outside
There was a morning fog stretching out so wide
I couldn't see quite clearly; so i slowly moved  along
The birds, they didn't  mind it; they sang a pretty song

The universe was waking and embraced  the fog so dear
All creation was singing out:  "everything is clear"
I was barely moving  yes I could hardly even see
So I took this morning's fog deep inside of   me

Time to do some pondering and turn it all around
There is a message here; just waiting to be found
Fog may blur one's vision and even cause delay
But underneath it all life continues along the way

So when things are unclear and impair what you do
Think of the morning fog; you can  make it through
Though it may be scary seeing things with a blur
One step at a time you'll make it, of this I am sure.

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