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Monday, July 25, 2011

Meant to Fly

Softly the birds are singing to me
How beautiful they are: so pure, so free
Nothing to keep them from doing their thing
Can you imagine a bird who cannot sing?

I love the birds they fly so free
They touch the sky they  look at me
They whistle to me while in the sky
Don't you know, you're meant to fly.

Sometimes in life you  must let go
Of things familiar, things you know
To come to do what is yours to do
Goodbyes, Hellos are waiting for you.

Indeed some doubts will surely arise
When you decide to soar the skies
But you'll  come to know great peace
While  in the flight your  fears will cease.

We all have something we're meant to do
It'll  gnaw within us: through and through
And until we come to do our thing
We will be  like a bird that cannot sing


  1. Flawlessly written and so soothing in effect!

  2. Thank you so much for your comments ..I have added your very beautiful blog to my links.. please add me :you are an angel.


  3. Sure dear, with pleasure.

    I am a friend.


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