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Monday, July 11, 2011

Love is sweet

Waking up this morning I felt great peace inside
I actually slept right through; nothing to make me hide
I don't remember dreaming; which is so very rare
I am slolwly getting up and proceeding with gentle care

I can hear the birds of morning they are chirping away
They never miss a moment, they always greet the day
In the background a dog is crying he is always sad
I cry with him inside; his owner treats him bad

It is the time for pondering time for my "safe place"
So I go into my mind, hoping for some grace
I love the vision of flowers growing  in the field
So I let my spirit create; to imaginings I  yield

Flowers of every color appear within my mind
There are all shapes and sizes;  there is every kind
They never make a sound; their music fills the air.
Beauty is a melody; it touches the soul with care

As I am pondering the flowers, they fill up  the air
Sweetening it with their fragrance; yes sweetness everywhere
Like the flowers we can give our love from deep  inside
We have only to open up to let our sweetness go outside.

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