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Friday, July 1, 2011

Look for the beauty

The morning light will begin to shine and darkness will clear away
And all the birds will soon be singing of the newness of this day
Every day holds something new and carries its own song
It is for us to join the chorus and pass the melody along

Its still to soon to hear the sounds of birds chirping everywhere
So  I venture to   my special lake and immerse my spirit  there
There is so much to be seen, so much life and peace inside
So there I will let my being go into the waters deep and wide

There is something so very mystical in  the waters deep below
Creatures of every kind you can  see; each one has its glow
Every fish has its own taste and every plant   its own dance
I lose my soul in the waters tide; new visions have a chance.

Coming forth from pondering the lake inside my mind
I eagerly await the brand new day and wonder what I'll find
Will I be able to see the beauty I saw   musing deep inside
It depends on if I choose to see what each moment is able  hide

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