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Thursday, July 14, 2011


The sun is shining brightly, not a cloud is in the sky;
All creation is calling out for me to come and stop by
The birds are singing sweetly their melody fills the air
My soul is taken up by all the beauty everywhere

I am so slowly moving and its time to meditate
My cats have all been fed and its getting late
I don't know what to ponder, I'm in an empty space
Perhaps this is how its all suppose to take place.

For: If I fill my mind with noise and  useless things
I can never hear the song that all creation sings
And If I have  ideas of what the lesson ought to be
I'd never have any room for each moments mystery

So today I wont be painting any pictures in my mind
But rather I'm leaving it empty to see what I will find
By listening to the sounds of every creature everywhere
I can hear the message of the universe as it fills the air.

We often miss this  music that sounds out every day
Because we are too noisy and let it slip away
Every moment has its message that we need to hear
We have only to become silent and wisdom will draw near.

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